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How Protege Wireless Locks are revolutionizing apartment buildings

The future of apartment access control is here - it's wireless, efficient, and elegantly simple.

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and in today's world of modern living, we expect convenience and adaptability to go hand in hand with safety and protection. Yet, security often takes a back seat. Shockingly, 63% of tenants said a "lack of security" was their main reason for moving out of an apartment. 

Protege Wireless Locks blend technology, security, and convenience, providing a cutting-edge solution for modern needs, enabling you to offer your customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Unlock simplicity and security

Protege Wireless Locks come in two types – the Cartridge Mortise and the Motorized Deadbolt  -- with a variety of finishes and styles to complement any aesthetic.

Being an offline solution, Protege Wireless Locks cut the costs and hassles associated with wired systems and the anxiety of online connectivity issues. To learn more about the power of offline locking, check out our quick read, Introducing Protege Wireless Locks

What exactly is a One Card Solution?

Put simply, a one card solution means using one credential to gain access to the whole building.

At the heart of the one card  solution lies the essence of mobility and simplicity. Imagine the freedom of moving through a building's spaces – from the parking garage to the lobby and your apartment, to exclusive amenities like coworking spaces, rooftop gardens, or the fitness center – gain access to them all with a single smart card, key fob, remote transmitter or ICT Mobile Credential.

Key benefits

Efficiency in every tap

With just a tap of a smart card or the use of an ICT Mobile Credential, tenants and staff can access authorized areas. This not only offers convenience but also strengthens security as permissions are centrally managed and can be adjusted, issued, or revoked with immediate effect.

Cohesion in management

For property managers, the one card solution simplifies reporting and allows for comprehensive oversight with less effort. Gone are the days of fragmented security layers. Now, your entire access control system speaks the same language, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Risk mitigation made simple

Centralized systems mean fewer cracks in the security armor. By unifying access databases and permissions, you can safeguard against potential risks by ensuring correct permissions and rules are set. No need to triple check multiple systems.

User experience refined

Imagine the satisfaction of tenants who no longer need a keyring packed with metal cuts from various doors. Now, one credential serves all, streamlining the way residents interact with their environment. The one card solution is about having a singular, unified access management system that streamlines oversight, improves security, and enhances the user experience. This approach eliminates the juggling of multiple keys and managing disparate databases.

Making the smart move

For property managers and security professionals looking for the best door locks that encapsulate the evolution of physical access control, Protege Wireless Locks partnered with a one card solution represent a future-driven choice.

Take the leap into a streamlined, secure future. Protege Wireless Locks—where access is seamless, controlled, and fundamentally designed around the users' way of life. 

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