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Protege Wireless locks

Introducing Protege Wireless Locks

Innovation is a core value at ICT, which is why we're always looking for how we can provide better multi-family security and access control solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Protege Wireless Lock range – now available for pre-order for North America. 

With no cabling necessary, Protege Wireless Locks mean sites can get integrated electronic access control in areas where traditional wired locking solutions may not be possible or economical and online connectivity may be a barrier.

The Protege Cartridge Mortise Wireless Lock is an ANSI Grade 1 Mortise lock – with or without a deadbolt – and is rated for over 12 million cycles. 

The ‘Mortise’ is the rectangular pocket cutout of the door that the lock body fits into. Above this is a second pocket cutout that fits the ‘Cartridge’, which includes the batteries and the electronics​. With the electronics hidden inside the door, the Cartridge Mortise is refined and modern while also providing a world-leading apartment security and access control solution. 

The Protege Motorized Deadbolt Wireless Lock is a deadbolt lock that meets ANSI Grade 2 lock standards. When an authorized tenant badges their credential at the reader, the deadbolt will automatically retract to allow entry. The interior is operated using a manual thumb-turn to easily unlock and allow exit, to create an apartment security system and access control solution that’s as sleek as it is simple. 

Offline locking solution

Protege Wireless Locks are an offline locking solution, with all data stored on the credentials and in the lock itself. 

The power of an offline locking solution is that the tenant or owner’s door access rights are written directly onto the credential, creating a data on card solution. This means that each tenant/owner acts as a walking data store, carrying their credential and event data to and from the locks.  

This data includes a blocklist of users who have been banned from the location, ensuring tenants and owners who haven’t updated their credential cannot access the building or apartment, so you can assure tenants you provide a robust apartment building access control system. 

Offline locks also provide a longer battery life, as the lock only uses power when a session is initiated by the credential. 

Key features

H2 with a screwdriver

Easy installation

Thanks to the purpose-built Mobile Configuration App and ICT construction cards, installing a Protege Wireless Lock is as easy as 1, 2, 3

One card solution

Smart card technology enables a one card solution for both our physical and mobile credentials, enabling you to use one credential for wired and wireless ICT doors. Tenants can now go from the lobby to their living rooms using one credential. No juggling keys or cards 

shapes and hands

Customizable style

At ICT we believe your access control solutions should seamlessly blend form and function. That's why we offer customization options from reader shape and color, handle design and finish, to deadbolt or privacy thumb turn accessories.


Robust security

With numerous built-in features and open integrations, you can provide tenants and guests with peace of mind by creating a full multifamily access control and security solution 

Lit up reader

Status at a glance

With different colors available to signal different modes and settings, the integrated LED indicator provides a read response and status signaling, so you can see whether the lock is unlocked or locked at a glance 


Lock modes

Options for various modes, including Office Unlock and Exit Leaves Open. You can create any combination to meet your requirements 
Shield and clock

Future-proof technology

Supports secure high-frequency technology, like our DESFire smart cards and Bluetooth® Low Energy ICT Mobile Credentials


Optional accessories

Tailor the lock to suit your needs with optional accessories for interior deadbolts and key overrides 

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