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Protege X

Scalable Security by Design.

Protege X is a next generation cloud-based, cross platform access control and intrusion detection ecosystem, designed for businesses that demand future-proofed flexibility.

Protege X

Scalable Security by Design.

Protege X is a next generation cloud-based, cross platform access control and intrusion detection ecosystem, designed for businesses that demand future-proofed flexibility.

With a simple to manage subscription-based model backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty to ease your bottom line, you can have a comprehensive system up and running from day one. Whether you have a single property or are an expanding business with multiple locations, an intuitive pathway from Protege WX enables direct migration to Protege X via the cloud for programming, user databases, and supported integrations.

Mobile First

Created with flexibility in mind, you can self-monitor and control any number of locations from your smart phone with the Protege Mobile App. Add users, open or lock doors, and report on daily events from any device. Complete visibility over all your locations, whether it’s just down the road or across an ocean.

Security you can trust

Powered by Microsoft Azure, your data and security is protected one of the most secure cloud infrastructure providers in the world. With over 3500 cybersecurity experts testing and monitoring the database 24/7, they’ve built frameworks covering everything from the loading time to any time your data is in transit in the cloud.

A lifetime warranty

Life happens. That's why we've got you covered.

As long as you have a Protege X subscription, all ICT connected hardware, including controllers, expanders, and even door readers, are covered by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

Key Features & Benefits

Scalable Security

Scalable Security

Protege X is built with industry leading cybersecurity frameworks for robust security, with global enterprise level scalability, and multi-factor authentication managed through Azure Active Directory. Privacy is assured, with all databases compliant with GDPR regulations. 

Easy User Management

Easily manage users and their access rights for all connected locations from a single user portal. This ensures people are only accessing authorized areas, no matter where they are. Unified user management ensures global data protection — no disparate databases with legacy users or locations with different programming.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Intelligent PowerBI reports enable you to visualize data and use event reports to make informed decisions. Use the pre-built templates for out-of-the-box reporting, or put PowerBI to the test with complex data visualization and insight metrics.

View Status at a Glance

Get the status of your place or location at a glance. Dashboards help you monitor the crucial touch points of your business while filtering through the noise. They provide an intuitive and efficient overview of your security, your buildings, and your people.

Wireless & offline locking

Wireless Lock Integration

Integration with wireless locking systems offer a cost-effective solution to provide secure, keyless access without the limitations and inconvenience normally associated with hardwired doors.

Elevator Control

Elevator Control

Create a seamless solution from the door to the penthouse, while ensuring people are only accessing the floors they should be with low-level elevator control.

IP Monitoring

IP Monitoring

All ICT system controllers come with built in IP reporting functionality, providing a fast, accurate, cost effective monitoring solution that is always online.

Talk to us about Protege X

Whether you're a system integrator looking for a solution to sell, a consultant looking for a secure platform to specify, or an end-user looking for an intuitive tool to keep your people and your property safe - a Protege X solution can benefit your organization.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or would like to schedule a demo with one of our sales team, enter your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Secure your future.

Benefits for System Integrators

Join the SaaS revolution

A subscription-based model means you can become part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution without having to invest in your own cloud servers.

Centralized programming

Centralized programming of the entire system means there's no need to duplicate programming and databases across multiple controllers, improving installation efficiency and removing the risks associated with multiple user databases.

Centralized controllers

Centralized controllers mean easier system management. Understand what’s happening across all customer locations at a glance, from one easy to use interface. 

No VPN or port forwarding

Managing places and locations is simplified without the need for remote connections, port forwarding, or complex configuration. All programming happens in the cloud and is synced to any number of Protege controllers.

Pre-programming convenience

Places can be pre-programmed prior to the hardware being installed, allowing you to get them ready ahead of time. With no server or specialized IT hardware, there’s no IT management or associated costs and automatic software updates keep your locations secure and up to date.

Cross platform compatibility

Protege X supports the same system expansion modules as Protege WX and GX for true cross platform compatibility.

Protege X

Use Cases for Protege X

With so many diverse applications, this cloud-based solution can be used in a wide variety of industries:

Create a seamless solution for tenants and easily add, edit, and revoke access permissions as tenants come and go, while ensuring that they’re secured by robust cybersecurity frameworks.

Whatever office you’re walking into, you can ensure you’ve got the access you need without having to call IT.

Ensure there's no disparate programming and that every storefront is compliant with company policies thanks to automatic software updates.

Future-proof your investment. Locking your business into an SME centric platform is fine for the first few years. But when it’s time to take the next step to expand your enterprise, don’t let the security platform you selected when you were starting out stall your growth.

Forget to lock up at the end of the night? Employees lost their key and can't open up? No problem, with a mobile first experience that gives you complete visibility and control.

Mitigate the risk of disparate databases and manage staff access across sites to ensure people are only entering areas they should be.

And so much more...

These are just a fraction of the potential uses for Protege X. Could it be a fit for your organization?

Ready to take the next step?

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