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Searching for a Verex replacement?

ICT offers 3 ways to safely secure a property operating a Verex security system. Migrate at your own pace to a future proofed Protege access control and intrusion solution.

Searching for a Verex replacement?

ICT offers 3 ways to safely secure a property operating a Verex security system. Migrate at your own pace to a future proofed Protege access control and intrusion solution.

Journey to the future of unified security

As the Interlogix™ U.S and Canadaian businesses wound down in late 2019, and their technical support ended on December 31, 2021, there may be active Verex™ sites or Interlogix dealers looking for support. Should any of these legacy sites develop vulnerabilities in the future or hardware need replacing, where do you turn?. Fortunately, ICT offers 3 ways to safely secure a Verex site, while providing a pathway to a future-proofed Protege system.

Switching to Protege doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch, talk to us today about the future of unified security.

ICT offers a transitional card solution that enables a Verex operator to continue issuing credentials to new users. These dual technology cards include G-Prox™ II and MIFARE DESFire capability and are backwards compatible with legacy Verex readers and an ICT multi-technology tSec or tSec Slim Line card reader. With MIFARE DESFire onboard, you can move towards a higher security solution at your own pace.

ICT can cater to both SME and Enterprise requirements for legacy site migrations with either a Protege WX or Protege GX controller, all while supported Verex network modules remain in place. Expanded functionality is also enabled, however, you are limited by the constraints of the current network. Our hardware features a compact DIN rail design for convenient installation.

For a comprehensive and unified access control and intrusion solution we recommend you replace the Verex network with robust ICT hardware in addition to either Protege WX or Protege GX. When installed by an ICT Dealer Network member (IDN) all DIN Rail hardware is covered with a 5 year warranty and operators are extended peace of mind knowing the system is supported by on-call technical support and a dedicated R&D team. A full ICT migration also unlocks high security network communications, third party integrations and much more.

Access the Verex migration guide.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or would like to schedule a demo our team are here to help. While we connect you with an ICT representative, enjoy a copy of the Verex migration guide which will be in your inbox shortly.

Journey to the future of unified security.

Switch to Protege today

Making the switch to Protege couldn’t be easier. With minimal upfront investment, you can take your time with the transition while taking advantage of a solution that meets both current and future requirements.

Discover unified access control and intrusion detection

Traditionally, access control and intrusion detection systems have worked independently of each other. A Protege system brings these together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.

Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the switch from Verex to Protege doesn't need to be a time consuming or costly exercise. We've included some of the questions our Verex installers have asked to help you on your journey.

Supporting and servicing a product line that can’t be easily replaced or repaired is bound to cause problems when it comes to maintaining the sites of your existing customer base let alone potentially restricting new customer acquisition.

What can ICT do for me?

  • Offer a viable and cost-effective migration path to Verex site owners, while enabling operators to add new users and functionality.
  • Provide access to Verex migration tools and documentation, enabling you to add value to your customers and increase revenue.
  • Peace of mind is extended to both you and your customers when partnering with ICT. With dedicated R&D teams, a strong in-house manufacturing facility and best in class support your future is secured. 

Continuing to operate a Verex system across your site may work well for now, however, as new vulnerabilities emerge and hardware begins to age or fail you may be faced with a growing number of unsolvable issues.

What can ICT do for me?

  • Provide a tailored migration plan in conjunction with a certified ICT installer.
  • Offer the ability to expand the functionality of your site to meet future needs.
  • Upgrade any failed or failing modules on your system with the latest ICT hardware.
  • Quickly resolve any known security threats through OS and SQL server updates.
  • Enable your business to take advantage of the efficiencies a unified Protege platform provides such as energy savings and mobile access control.  

ICT offers free online training for the Protege WX platform, this will help you get up to speed before you take on a Verex migration. We also offer a range of facilitated in person paid training courses, follow on to learn more about further training options

For a Protege GX migration, all controllers must be online with version 2.08 b 929 or higher. Protege WX controllers must be operating version 4.00 b 409 or higher and installers must have completed online training to unlock advanced mode in the system. 

A Vercon tool is required to configure the following module types:

  • Advanced door controller
  • LCD Keypad Plus
  • Enhanced Point Expansion

The tool can be downloaded from the ICT website. An ICT Verex SNAPP License must also be acquired.

  • Door Module Version 2.5, 2.4, 2.3, 2.1, 1.9, 1.8 and 1.7
  • Fire POD Version 1.03
  • Monitor xL Keypad Version 1.5
  • Monitor xL Input Expander Version 2.3 with VBUS Expansion Boards running 2.0 firmware
  • Monitor ISM Keypad Version 1.1
  • Monitor ISM Input Expander Version 1.2

Supported versions are continually being updated. If a version of a SNAPP POD is not listed above please contact your local support office to check for the latest update. If you have a version available that is not listed above, provide a hardware sample and we can have this tested to validate operation.

Executable scripts in Microsoft Management Studio can extract the user, authority and End of Line Resistor values from the Director database. The EOL values should be pasted into the EOL section of the Vercon tool.


ICT was founded in 2003 by Hayden and Rachael Burr with a focused vision to provide innovative easy-to-use electronic access control and security solutions. Almost 20 years later, tens of thousands of companies worldwide use ICT systems every day. 

ICT products are designed and manufactured at our global headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand from our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility. Innovation is in our DNA; at ICT more than 40% of our staff are dedicated to R&D, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected by the best in the industry. 

With headquarters in Auckland New Zealand, we have a global presence and international reach. We have international full-service operations in Denver (USA), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia) and satellite operations in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Hong Kong. 

Dedicated tech support is on-call, available via email or support ticket and with more than 300 knowledge base articles available and in-depth training online or in person, you're well supported in the field. 

The Verex Migration in Action


Backup your Verex database and extract the required records, including PODs, users, access levels, and EOL settings


Replace the Verex control panel with a Protege controller, power supply and input expander


Program your Protege system and use ICT’s software tool to configure the Verex PODs to operate as Protege modules

When using a standard two-door Protege controller, one of the onboard reader ports is programmed to communicate with the Verex PODs and the other can be used to control an additional door. The input expander (and any additional Protege modules) are connected using the RS-485 module network port. This allows the same controller to operate a combination of Verex PODs and Protege modules.

Verex Migration

Note that the same can be done with a single door controller, but you won’t be able to use the reader port for door control.

If the existing installation is access control only and you want to take advantage of the onboard reader ports, you can connect to the Verex PODs using the RS-485 module network port on the controller. In this case, you can still connect the power supply to the same port, but the port cannot be used to expand the ICT module network.

Verex Migration

Detailed instructions on the migration process can be found in the Transitioning Verex Sites to Protege guide which is available to ICT partners.

Get a top rated access control system

Whether you’re a small business needing a scalable solution or a large corporate enterprise project with thousands of access controlled doors and complex user requirements, Protege’s leading commercial security systems provide a comprehensive and flexible tool kit to seamlessly migrate a Verex site to the future of unified security.


Interlogix™ and Verex are trademarks of Carrier® and are not associated with this offer. All claims relating to the Interlogix shutdown in the U.S and Canada are publicly accessible on ICT makes no claims that Verex security systems currently face physical or cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and ICT notes that due to technical support being ended as of the 31st December 2021 any future vulnerabilities that could potentially arise will need support to be rectified.

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