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Leverage (ROI)

A key performance measure for any business is showing that asset purchases provide a return on investment. A security and access control system however, does not provide a direct financial return in itself so how can a business quantify the benefits and therefore justify expenditure? When it comes to technology assets, maximizing benefits does not just mean reducing the cost, but also leveraging as many advantages from the technology as possible.

Immediate Benefits

With programmable smart credentials granting access to users, employers can account for staff movement 24/7, saving on the administration costs of older systems.

A security system pays for itself in short time from the energy savings achieved through building automation. The ability to shut down energy-consuming HVAC and lighting systems when not in use is in line with modern business’s quest to operate sustainably.

Intrusion detection is augmented with a range of arming functions and targeted building automation options. Access control monitors, restricts and audits the movement of individuals. Integration with third-party devices (such as wireless locks and video management systems) increases security and surveillance and helps reduce theft and burglary.

A business’s existing IT infrastructure investment is maximized as Protege GX adds value with its leading-edge technology. Integration is the enabler. There are many good reasons for moving from legacy systems to newer, IP-based technologies, such as leveraging existing devices like smartphones as virtual access credentials.

Protege GX uses standard protocols and data import utilities to openly integrate, allowing for the implementation of single source of truth (SSOT) data architecture where data is entered once and effortlessly shared. Such integration improves both the quality and accuracy of data and delivers operational efficiency.

Benefits Over Time

Protege GX integrates effortlessly with a multitude of third-party systems, including wireless and offline locking solutions, video management software, elevator systems, building management and much more. Custom integration tools allow you to tailor a solution to meet specific needs, which can simplify your business processes and help your organization function more efficiently.

Protege GX helps businesses meet their responsibilities around compliance, while ensuring a secure environment that manages risk, and minimizes costs. Control access to protected areas, monitor real-time and historic user activity, and generate reports for audit or compliance purposes.

Installing a state-of-the-art security and access control system adds measurable value to a business’s buildings and property, for example, the system is a powerful leasing tool, helping property owners and managers increase occupancy, generate higher rents and reduce tenant turnover.

When Protege GX integrates with visitor management systems customer service reaches new levels. Visitors are assigned access levels and schedules for ease of movement.

ICT’s in-house research and development team is a robust unit functioning at the forefront of innovation in the security and access control industry. Engineers and developers work to integrate with a range of industries, offering scalable, fully customized solutions, now and in the future.

Protege GX is a scalable security and access control platform with a modular design that expands effortlessly as your business grows.

It helps if you compare the cost of a one-off investment in a system with the expense of not having a system. How much does it cost a business to maintain multiple disparate systems that manage day to day tasks which could be effortlessly managed from a single cohesive and unified solution such as ICT’s Protege GX?

Protege GX integrates with a large number of third-party systems to provide a simple, single-point solution for a range of vertical markets around intrusion detection and access control, building automation, video surveillance, real-time onsite and offsite monitoring, and audit reporting – all with built-in scalability for future business growth.

Ready to maximize your investment?