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Protege GX

Enterprise Complexity. Made simple.

At ICT we believe that enterprise security doesn’t have to be complicated by design. Integrating intrusion detection, building automation and access control into one commercial security system - there’s no better example of this theory in action.

Protege GX

Protege GX

Enterprise Complexity. Made simple.

At ICT we believe that enterprise security doesn’t have to be complicated by design. Integrating intrusion detection, building automation and access control into one commercial security system - there’s no better example of this theory in action.

Why choose Protege GX?

Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated access control, intruder detection, and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

Talk to us about Protege GX

Whether you're a system integrator looking for a solution to sell, a consultant looking for a secure platform to specify, or an end-user looking for an intuitive tool to keep your people and your property safe - a Protege GX solution can benefit your organization.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or would like to schedule a demo with one of our sales team, enter your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Secure your future.

Features for the end user

Designed around the end users’ needs, Protege GX is loaded with features that enhance the system further and provide true benefit to any organization. With support for Windows 11, keeping your system up to date is as simple as installing our DIN rail solutions.

Graphical floor plans give you a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system.

  • Quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.
  • Associate graphical icons with devices to control and monitor the system
  • Drag and drop buttons to allow an easy browser like feel to navigate between floor plans and live camera feeds
  • Display the real time status of devices and objects on your system
  • Using event filters and alarms, you can jump to a floor plan based on an alarm condition or trigger

Fully customizable, status pages provide an intuitive graphical interface that minimizes the learning curve allowing new users to get up to speed quickly. The flexible design enables you to include the content relevant to your site, for a sitewide overview or allowing you to drill down to show more detail. Include any combination of:

  • Status lists that dynamically update to display the real time status of attached devices
  • Floor plans that display a visual representation of the site and the real time status of devices
  • Live video feeds from an integrated camera
  • Event reports filtered to include only the events you wish to view
  • Variables that return information on changeable data such as room temperature or humidity levels

Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and filter what and how information is displayed to an operator. Filtering the noise and showing only what is relevant improves efficiency and ensures an accurate response to incidents.

  • Create event filters that match a particular record or event type
  • Filter status lists by status, such as open doors or areas that are armed
  • Event types can be color coded to make particular types of events stand out to an operator
  • User images can be shown inside live event and alarm windows

Information at your fingertips

Getting the information you need has never been easier or more accessible. Protege GX has a range of reports and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email. All reports can be exported to a wide range of formats including PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV.

Event Reports

Event Reports enable you to view exactly what is happening within the system. Events are categorized for easy identification and details can be readily filtered to show only relevant events.

Muster Reports

Muster Reports enable you to generate a report that lists all users for specified areas within the system. Using the entry and exit readers associated with a door, the report creates a list of users that are present when the report is generated.

Attendance Reports

Attendance Reports make it easy to track and monitor staff movements on site, assisting with payroll and HR management. View summary pages and detailed reports of employee time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy.

User Reports

User Reports contain detailed information on the users (or cardholders) in your system. Quickly determine information such as which users have access to selected doors, have triggered defined events, or have cards due to expire.

Endless integration possibilities

Integration with a wide range of third party systems enables you to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments you already have available on site while adding value to existing technology. If an off the shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs, we have a range of custom integration tools that give you total flexibility to utilize your own experts and tailor a solution that does.

Protege GX Web Client

Whether you’re an integrator looking to offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to your customers, a large corporate business wishing to incorporate Protege GX into your intranet, or you need a cost effective solution to manage the security for a multi-tenanted building, the Protege GX Web Client has the answer.

Protege GX Web Client

Optional Features

Optional features and a flexible licensing model, mean that you can add functionality as you need, without paying for the features you don’t. Start with a package based on your requirements today, and add features as your needs change. Why pay for a feature set you don't need?

From features that come as standard, to optional functionality that further enhance the system, Protege GX is loaded with features to provide true benefit to any organization.

Effortless to Extend

Business doesn't stand still, so you need a solution that can keep pace with your changing requirements. The enterprise licensing model in Protege GX allows you to expand your site with ease, providing a solution that grows with you.

While many models allow for unlimited growth, that growth can quickly lead to runaway license costs, making it difficult to forecast what a system will cost over the longer term. Protege GX has a flexible model that ensures you get all the features you need, without paying for the features you don’t. We don’t charge for functionality that you’d expect to be part of any standard enterprise security system, and the base license comes packed with many extras.


Protege GX has two distinct license packs that scale as sites expand:

  • The Starter License is designed to make implementation more cost-effective. This option is ideal for smaller organizations who want to adopt an enterprise-level solution while maintaining the flexibility to expand their Protege GX system as their site grows.
  • The Standard License is ideal for large organizations with greater system requirements. The Standard License also adds Calendar Actions and Email on Event features.

Both packs include powerful reporting capabilities, customizable status pages, graphical floor plans, and no restrictions on the number of users, events, schedules, areas, or hardware expansion modules.

Flexible license packs are available for doors, cameras, IP connected locking solutions and many other integration packages, enabling you to easily extend your system as your business grows.

A ceiling (or license cap) prevents runaway license costs and ensures that right from the start, you know exactly how much the software is going to cost, no matter how much the system expands. And with zero software maintenance fees, there are no ongoing costs or unwelcome invoices each year!  No strings attached.

  Starter Standard
Concurrent client connections 1 1
Doors* 10 50
Sites 1 No limits
Cameras 0 1
DVRs No limits No limits
Calendar Actions Not enabled Enabled
Email on Event Not enabled Enabled
SOAP Web Service Enabled Enabled
Web Client Not enabled Enabled
Web Operators 0 3

*wireless locks are considered doors and included in the door total.