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Risk & Compliance

Failure to protect staff, assets, and information can have heavy financial and legal consequences for business owners, and the resulting damage to a business’s reputation can have long-lasting ramifications. Businesses are legally required to abide by the relevant health & safety and employment laws, as well as a statutory duty of care – meaning they also have moral and ethical obligations to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.

Protege GX - ICT’s robust access control and security management system - helps businesses meet their responsibilities around compliance, while providing a balance that ensures security, manages risk, and minimizes costs. The intelligence of Protege GX combines high-tech features that integrate with multiple third-party systems from a single user-friendly software interface.

While access control challenges are unique to every business, a common requirement is to control access to protected/hazardous areas. Protege GX defines access levels relevant to a site and applies them to user credentials to authorize their movement. By monitoring real-time and historic circulation of users, managers may account for business processes at every point to improve safety and reduce risk within the workplace.

Effective security is about anticipating risks and taking effective measures to mitigate them. Cost-effective intrusion detection can be achieved through leveraging existing building hardware and integrating with third-party wireless and offline lock systems. Protege GX also integrates with numerous Video Management Systems (VMS) enabling operators to access a full range of surveillance features via a single interface.

Knowing when visitors are onsite, keeping track of where they are, who they are seeing, and when they leave, are all key security requirements. Whether you use the Protege GX visitor management features, or integrate with an external system, you can register your visitors easily and grant them relevant access. With all events logged, you have a complete audit trail of who’s in your building and where they are at all times.

Protege GX doesn’t just manage staff movement. High-tech security hardware and targeted software provide the perfect means for recording real-time and historic user activity and generating reports for audit or compliance purposes. Protege GX offers a commanding range of reporting capabilities, and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email.

Physical risks come in many forms – from intruders, fire, floods and other natural disasters, to heavy machinery, or hazardous environments including chemical substances and other toxic hazards. Protege systems include numerous measures that protect personnel and property from these threats including integration with CCTV surveillance, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and panic or duress alarms.

HR systems and compliance platforms (such as Rapid Induct and Scenario) hold personnel data, including training and certification records, and the status of any special licenses held. Protege GX integrates with these systems enabling you to control employee access based on current status. For example, if a certification has expired, an employee can be prevented from accessing a construction site or an area containing hazardous materials.

Examples where ICT has helped businesses meet risk and compliance obligations:

A university combined Protege GX with their system for training, certification and management of students using machinery to prevent unauthorized use of machines by uncertified operators and to ensure recertification of authorized operators. Machinery can now also be monitored for run time and statistical reporting, allowing the university to increase operational efficiency and improve performance.

A pulp and paper mill experiencing a large number of incidents as a result of its rolling stock being operated by unauthorized/untrained staff installed the Protege GX system. Leveraging the company’s existing card infrastructure, ICT tSec readers now communicate with the engine and system management unit of company vehicles. This allows operation to be restricted to authorized staff only, resulting in an instant reduction in the number of incidents. The system also interacts with 3G-connected controllers installed in machinery, allowing real-time driver user data to be logged.

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