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Video Management Systems

Providing a unified view

Combine the power of Protege GX with third party Video Management Systems to create a full featured and cohesive solution. Seamless integrations enables you to control cameras, and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.

A Video Management System on its own records footage. But when all you know about an incident is that it occurred within a certain timeframe, you’re left searching frame by frame to find the details you need. Access control systems on the other hand know all about events – including the exact time an incident occurred. Integration pulls the two systems together to give you the bigger picture, allowing you to easily narrow down the footage you need, as it is linked directly to the event. 

Video management integration in Protege GX

Video is triggered from events for pinpoint accuracy allowing you to easily locate an event from the log, and instantly playback archived recordings in a separate window complete with full screen and keyboard shortcut control.

Pinpoint accuracy

Link cameras to items on graphical floor plans, making it quick and easy to locate and view the relevant camera feed for a particular item.

Link to floor plans

Associate cameras to doors, inputs, areas, and outputs, allowing you to retrieve footage based on any change of status - for instance, when a motion sensor is triggered or a door is opened.

View on status change

Include camera windows in customizable status pages to display live video coverage of your site. Each status page can include up to 16 panels, making them ideal for creating a camera matrix or video wall for use in control rooms.

Live coverage

Automatic popups with live video stream for door events allow you to see who is at the door, or when a door has been forced open.

Popup on event

Optional High Level Interface (HLI) enables the use of the PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the Video Management System, providing bi-directional exchange of information and allowing full control of video management platforms from the Protege interface.

High level interface

Ready to get the BIG picture?