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Avigilon Integration

The Protege GX and Avigilon integration enables you to control cameras and view live and historical video footage from a single, easy-to use interface.

Cameras can be linked to doors, inputs, outputs and areas, allowing you to easily retrieve footage based on any change of status, such as when a PIR is triggered or a door is opened. An automatic popup can display a live video stream on any door event, allowing you to see when someone is at the door or when a door has been forced open.

The high level interface (HLI) enables the communication of PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the VMS, providing bi-directional exchange of information, while VMS events such as Motion Detected can be monitored directly in Protege GX.

How it works

Protege GX communicates with the VMS server via a video service. This service monitors the two systems and sends camera commands from Protege GX to the VMS server, and continuously transfers any events triggered in the VMS system to Protege GX.

How it works
Supported Versions:
  • Avigilon Control Center Version:

Please note that this is the only tested and supported version for this integration.

Supported Features:
  • Live view
  • Archive View
  • Status Page View
  • Event Popup
  • HLI Events
  • PTZ Preset

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