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Door Lockdown

Simple lockdowns for schools, offices, and religious centers.
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Building lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders can impact early childhood centers, primary, secondary, and post-secondary campuses, government buildings, hospitals, religious centers and more. If the worst were to happen, it’s important to ensure that people can instantly lockdown their buildings easily and quickly. 

70% of active-shooter events last less than 5 minutes, yet 61% of K-12 schools, universities, and hospitals in America take over 6 minutes to lockdown their sites. That is if they can lockdown at all – only 17% of schools and hospitals can fully lockdown.


The amount of K-12 schools, universities, and hospitals that take over 6 minutes to lockdown their sites.


How many incidents last less than 5 minutes


The amount of schools and hospitals across America that can fully lockdown their sites

With over 70% of sites saying they don’t have enough staff to manage the lockdown system and their older systems are too difficult to integrate with, it’s no wonder these shocking statistics are a result of antiquated and complex systems that aren’t interoperable.

What is a Lockdown System?

A lockdown system is a function within an access control or security system that secures entrances and exits of a building by locking them so that nobody can enter or exit. They are used in situations that pose an imminent danger and can mitigate risk to peoples safety.

Initiate a door lockdown remotely and instantaneously with the Protege Mobile App, bill traps, and even through Protege GX floor plan icons.  

Lockdowns will immediately override any other pre-programmed actions, like extended schedules, and area based lockdown settings can be implemented using door groups in Protege, enabling the user to initiate a full site lockdown or confine the threat to an area of the building.  

Automatically send a muster report via email to a dedicated manager and know where your staff are during any critical situation. 

Ensure faculty, students, parents, and the community have peace of mind by protecting any educational facility from early childcare to higher university education with Protege.  

As part of ICT’s 360 education solution, you can initiate a lockdown from anywhere and at moment’s notice, using wireless duress buttons or pendants and via a function code PIN at an ICT tSec card reader. Get real-time feedback to your desktop, tablet, or even mobile phone. 

A house of worship is intended to be welcoming, with the free movement of staff and members. Should an emergency arise, a lockdown in Protege can be initiated instantaneously.  

Using a lockdown trigger card or hardwired panic buttons, incorporated with direct IP alarm reporting to dedicated monitoring stations, you can be sure first responders are notified and the building is secured at the press of a button.  

Protege GX supports a growing number of leading video management systems (VMS) allowing offsite operators or monitors to link recorded video to event timelines for accurate assessment of the situation.  

See How Door Lockdown Works



With ICT’s Protege WX and Protege GX systems, door lockdown is a FREE built-in feature that can be setup in less than 10 minutes. 

When triggered, all doors in the pre-set door lockdown group will lock instantly and simultaneously, whether it’s a singular building or multiple spanning a campus. No need for users to be experts in security system management or multiple people locking down independent systems. Program Super User access for first responders to allow emergency fire, police, and security personnel to enter a locked down site to provide critical assistance. 

Want to see more? Talk to one of our friendly sales team to arrange a demo or discuss your lockdown requirements.

Other Key Features

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

What you have (card) and what you know (PIN)/who you are (biometrics)- prevents a lost or stolen credential from being used to gain unauthorized access.

Dual Custody

Dual Custody

Allows an object to be treated the same way as a human user, so you can control and monitor the flow of objects through a building.

Compliance Types

Compliance Types

Ensure people entering a restricted area have the appropriate training, and trigger on-screen events as reminders of certifications that will be expiring soon. 

Dual Authentication

Dual Authentication

Requires two authorized users to supply credentials to gain access to a door.

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