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Automatic License Plate Recognition

Protege GX and PlateSmart LPR

Extend access control to the car park gate with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) for greater convenience and enhanced security. No more awkward manoeuvring or leaning out the window in the rain to enter a PIN or present an access card to a reader. Integration with the PlateSmart ALPR system enables you to use the cameras at carpark entry and exit points to grant access.

PlateSmart is a software-only solution that can turn virtually any surveillance camera into an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) reader. By removing the need for proprietary hardware or specialized license plate recognition cameras, it dramatically reduces the cost to deploy and maintain an LPR solution while offering high accuracy, day or night and in all weather conditions.

How it Works

As a vehicle drives toward a carpark boom gate or roller door, the camera sends live footage to the PlateSmart system which uses ALPR technology to interpret the license plate. PlateSmart then sends the license plate information to the Protege controller via the integration service.

PlateSmart Integration - how it works

The controller makes a decision to grant (or deny) access based on the credentials and configured access permissions in Protege GX, and the gate is opened for the vehicle to drive in.

All access events are sent to the Protege GX server where they can be monitored from a status page or floor plan and included in event reports.

Add the Data Sync Service for even more flexibility

Combine the integration with ICT’s Data Sync Service to take things even further and synchronize license plate data with a third party system.


Carpark booking systems

Many carparks have websites enabling members to sign up and book online. The Data Sync Service can use this data to automatically create user records, including license plate credentials, and allow temporary access for the duration of the booking.

Visitor Management

Visitor management

The Data Sync Service is ideal for administering temporary access for visitors including tradesmen and contractors. Details are extracted from the Visitor Management System and used to grant access for the duration the visitor will be onsite, using their license plate as their access credential.


Freight / delivery services

In situations where delivery trucks are required to enter a controlled gate, the Data Sync Service can be used to automate temporary visitor access for specific truck and courier vehicles. Drivers won’t have access cards, so the service create users based on the license plate. Access levels are assigned with an expiry date that matches the expected time on site.

These are just a tiny fraction of the potential uses for the Data Sync Service. The flexibility of the service means the possibilities are virtually endless.

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