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Data Sync Service

Seamless data integration.

The Data Sync Service combines the power of Protege GX's enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation system with external data sources. Ideally suited for a variety of applications, including 24-hour fitness centers, sports facilities, student databases, human resource systems and much more, the service provides a flexible approach to importing data from external systems, reducing management time and administration while providing a single point of data entry and enhancing efficiency.

How it Works

Data is extracted from the third party system and saved to a shared network folder. The Data Sync Service is configured to monitor this folder and automatically import the relevant data into Protege GX, creating records (including users, access levels, areas, doors, schedules, and so on) for each matched entity. If information in the import file changes, the service updates the record in Protege GX.

Data Sync Service - How it Works


  • Flexibility allows you to develop a solution that fits your needs
  • Maintenance and administration tasks are significantly reduced
  • Add and update any record in Protege GX including user records, access levels, doors, areas, schedules, and more
  • Provides a single point of data entry to enhance efficiency
  • Can be used to automatically add users and grant access to streamline visitor management

The Data Sync Service is ideal for administering temporary access for visitors including tradesmen and contractors. Details are extracted from the Visitor Management System and used to grant access for the duration the visitor will be onsite.

HR databases by their very nature, store a wealth of user data including role, department, and hours of work. Using the Data Sync Service, this information can be used to create user records and assign the relevant access levels, reducing data entry and administration time, and means that you no longer have to manage and update two separate databases.

Many fitness centers have websites enabling members to sign up online. The Data Sync Service can use this data to automatically create user records, including access details and membership period. The site may also allow members to book facilities such as a squash court or private sauna. The Data Sync Service assigns an additional access level to allow temporary access for the duration of the booking.

In situations where delivery trucks are required to enter a controlled gate, the Data Sync Service can be used to automate temporary visitor access for truck and courier drivers. Drivers won’t have access cards, so the service is used to take the booked jobs from the database to create users with PINs that match the job number. Access levels are assigned with an expiry date that matches the expected time on site.

The Data Sync Service can be used to generate access for students based on the information stored in a student management system. Access levels are assigned to match the duration of the course the student is enrolled on, and granting access to the areas they need entry to. When the semester ends, access is removed automatically.

And so much more...

These are just a tiny fraction of the potential uses for the Data Sync Service. The flexibility of the service means the possibilities are endless.

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