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Reader and entry station

Staying up to date with update point readers

Protege Wireless Locks are a seamless solution for multi-family security.

Available as a Cartridge Mortise or Motorized Deadbolt lock with optional finishes and styles, this offline solution means you can deliver electronic locks without investing in expensive wiring or worrying about online connectivity. 

What is an offline lock? 

With Protege Wireless Locks all data is stored on the credentials and in the lock itself. 

The tenant or owner’s door access rights are written directly onto the credential, creating a data on card solution, where each credential carries the event data to and from the locks.   

For the offline locks to stay updated, they work in tandem with a wired update point.

What is an update point? 

An update point is a hardwired TSL card reader. It is required to keep the controller and wireless locks updated. 

It's important that it is placed in a common area frequently badged at, such as a front door or elevator.

Available in three sizes, with multi-tech capabilities, an optional keypad and the choice of black or white. Select the TSL model to fit the access needs and decor of any installation.

How does it all work together? 

When a user presents their credential at a designated update point card reader, the reader downloads the encrypted information about the access rights for that specific credential, including which doors they can access and when.

When a user presents their credential at a wireless lock, the lock reads the information off the credential and determines whether that user should be granted or denied access. 

At the same time, the lock writes the user’s events to their credential. When they next present at the update reader, their accumulated events are uploaded to the Protege GX controller.

You can set credentials to be revalidated within designated timeframes, keeping the system up to date and secure. 

This data includes a blocklist of users who have been banned from the location, ensuring tenants and owners who haven’t updated their credential cannot access the building or apartment, creating a robust apartment security system. 

Simple and seamless. Want to learn more about Protege Wireless Locks? Check out these additional resources: 

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