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All Protege WX training is now free

Become a certified Protege WXpert

We’re excited to announce that all Protege WX training is now free!

With Protege WX training you’ll learn everything you need to know for a successful system implementation, including wiring and system architecture, all the way to advanced programming.

Upon successful completion of the training and certification exam, you will be recognized as an WXpert. This accreditation will not only benefit you as an installer but will add assurances to your customers that your business has the expertise to install, implement, manage and administer Protege WX environments and the corresponding ICT products.

There are two types of courses available:

Instructor Led Training

Instructor-led training is available via Zoom and in-person. Face-to-face training can be held at our facilities.

Guided by one of our knowledgeable trainers, these courses have a large focus on real-world scenarios, enabling technicians to become confident in installing and maintaining ICT systems for their clients.

Web-based/Online Classroom

For a more convenient and flexible option for those who can’t get away from the office or train all their technicians at once, we offer web-based/online classroom training. This self-guided format allows technicians to fit the training around their schedules as well as to suit their learning styles and pace.

All learners in face-to-face training courses will be provided lunch and refreshments, along with a Protege WX Training Kit or Demo Pack to use for the duration of the course. Any web-based training, including via Zoom, will require access to one of our training kits or system components, like controllers. To ensure you have all the necessary equipment for a successful course, please contact your trainer ahead of time to discuss the required product components.

To find a course that suits your schedule, check out our training and certification page now.

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