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Protege GX Training Kit
and Metal Base Enclosure


The Protege GX training kit enables you to run through the facilitated training course with minimal physical hardware. The console keeps unsightly wires tucked into the base while the switches provide an easy way to control reader port configuration and the closing / opening of inputs.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Front panel LEDs are easily viewable as the modules are mounted on the front of the console
  • Close and open inputs by flicking the zone switches up and down
  • Hidden wiring provides an uncluttered and organized display during the training demonstration
  • Power and Ethernet ports located on the left side of the base for simple connection.
  • Onboard RS-485 expansion port compatible with all Protege expander modules and accessories
  • Modules and switches are clearly labeled for easy identification
  • Easily switch between Protege GX and Protege WX by simply swapping out the controller
  • Switch between Reader Port 1 and 2 by flicking a switch


  • 1x Protege GX Controller (PRT-CTRL-DIN)
  • 1x Protege DIN Rail 4A Intelligent Power Supply (PRT-PSU-DIN-4A)
  • 1x Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad - Black (PRT-KLCS-B)
  • 1x tSec Mini DESfire Card Reader - Black (PRX-TSEC-MINI-DF-B)
  • 1x tSec Standard DESfire Card Reader with Keypad and NFC/Bluetooth® - Black (PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-KP-BT-B)
  • 5x Mifare DESFire EV1 Proximity Cards (PRX-ISO-DF)
  • 5x Mifare 1K (S50) Proximity Cards ISO (PRX-ISO-MF)

The desktop mounting unit is designed as a stylish and stable training console. The upright design allows for easy access to the tSec readers and keypad, while the cables and wiring are hidden and out of the way.

The Protege GX DIN Rail Controller is the central processing unit responsible for the control of security, access control and automation in the Protege GX system, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration of access, security and building automation. 

The Protege DIN Rail 4A Intelligent Power Supply provides 12VDC power ideal for running security, access control or automation devices along with large numbers of Protege network powered modules in the same installation.

The Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad provides a sleek, user friendly human interface to the Protege Integrated System, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration of access, security and building automation.

The tSec Card Reader range provides a complete multi-technology smart card RFID solution. Compatible with all Wiegand data capable control systems and incorporating RS-485 communication, tSec Readers allow rapid deployment of secure technology in any environment.


Ordering Information
PRT-TRN-GX Protege GX Training Kit
PSU Power Supply
Mains Input Voltage 120VAC (90-264VAC, 47-63Hz)
Mains Input Operating Current 20VAC 1.5A (Full Load)
DC Output (Combined) 12.64VDC 4.0A Max (V1 Out + V2 Out Total)
DC Output (Single) 12.2VDC 3A Max
Battery Charging 500mA (Typical) *Additional to the 4A Combined DC Output
Batetry Low 11.75VDC 
Battery Restore 12.5VDC
Controller Power Supply
Operating Voltage 11-14V DC
Operating Current 120mA (typical)
DC Output (Auxiliary) 10.45-13.85VDC 0.7A (typical) electronic shutdown at 1.1A
Bell DC Output (Continuous) 10.4-13.45VDC 8 Ohm 30W Siren or 1.1A (Typical) Electronic Shutdown at 1.6A
Bell DC Output (Inrush) 1500mA
Total Combined Current* 3.4A (max)
Electronic Disconnection 9.0VDC
Keypad Power Supply
Operating Voltage 11-14V DC
Operating Current 60mA (95mA Max)
tSec Reader Power Supply
Operating Voltage 12VDC (9.5 to 14VDC)
Operating Current

tSec Standard Reader: 254mA (Peak, Reading)
tSec Mini Reader: 203mA (Peak, Reading)

Controller Communication
Ethernet 10/100Mbps Ethernet communication link
RS-485 3 RS-485 communication interface ports, 1 for module communication and 2 for reader communication
Modem 2400bps modem communication
Controller Reader Ports
Readers 2 reader ports that can be independently configured for either Wiegand (up to 1024 bits configurable) or RS-485, allowing connection of up to 4 readers providing entry/exit control for two doors
RS-485 reader port connections support configuration for OSDP protocol
Controller (System) Inputs 8 high security monitored inputs
PSU Inputs Dedicated Hardware Tamper Input,
8 Trouble Inputs (internal)
Keypad Inputs 2 standard or 4 using Input Duplex mode
Controller Outputs 4 50mA (max) open collector outputs for reader LED and beeper or general functions
2 Form C relays - 7A N.O/N.C. at 30 VAC/DC resistive/inductive
PSU Outputs 2 Solid-State Relay Outputs, 50mA 12V Max each
Keypad Outputs 1 open collector (50mA Max) output. Programmable for all output functions
3 system status LEDs
1 system beeper
Keypad User Interface
User Interface Display Energy smart backlit LCD 16x2 alphanumeric display with enhanced viewing angle
User Interface Keypad Combined 23 key capacitive touch keypad with 3 system status LEDs
tSec Reader Communications
Card Read Range DESFire EV1 ISO 15mm (0.6")
Tag Read Range DESFire EV1 6mm (0.23")
Wiegand Interface Multiple format 26 or 34 Bit data 0 and data 1, card defined
Frequency 13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Multi Conductor Cable Wiegand: 22Awg alpha 5196, 5198, 18Awg alpha 5386, 5388. Max Distance 150m (492ft)
Module comms/RS485: Belden 9842 or equivalent. Max distance 900m (3000ft)
OSDP Communication OSDP standard 2.1.5 with Secure Channel Protocol
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Bluetooth® Read Range Proximity mode: up to 0.5m (1.6ft) Configurable
Action unlock (shake): up to 5m (16.4ft) Configurable
Bluetooth® Electronic Credential Transmission Technology NRF8001 Bluetooth® version 4.0 compliant
Proprietary data exchange protocol. AES128 Encrypted
Reader App Version: 1.04.175 and above
Credentials can be distinguished by unique site code and card number
Bluetooth® Wireless Device Protege Mobile 1.0.x
NFC Read Range Up to 60mm
NFC (Near-field communication) electronic credential transmission technology Android 4.4 or above, with phones which support ISO7816-4
Proprietary Secured DESFire credential
Credential is AES-256 (NIST certified AES algorithm)
Reader App Version: 1.04.175 and above
Credentials can be distinguished by unique site code and card number
NFC Wireless Device Protege Mobile 1.0.x
Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 180 x 300mm (13 x 7.1 x 11.8")
Net Weight 4.4kg (9.7lb)
Gross Weight 5.9kg (13lb)
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -10° to 55°C (14° to 131°F)
Storage Temperature -10˚ to 85˚C (14˚ to 185˚F)
Humidity 0%-93% non-condensing, indoor use only (relative humidity)