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Certified Protege GX Integrator (Level 2)

Availability: Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days


Take your installer training to the next level. Aimed at integrators responsible for configuring medium to large Protege GX projects, this course has a focus on advanced system programming and custom configuration. It also covers the entire Protege GX feature set, enabling you to achieve complex functions and automation, and leverage more of the system capability.

Items covered include:

  • Multi Controller Operation
  • Advanced Intruder Detection
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Automation and Control
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • Protege GX Soap
  • Elevator HLI
  • DVR/NVR Integration
  • Protege GX Web Client

Prerequisites/Course requirements:

Participants must have successfully completed the Protege GX Installer (Level 1) training prior to enrolling in this course.

All students require a laptop that meets the minimum system requirements. Refer to the Protege GX Installation Manual for details.

For courses conducted via webinar, you will also need a Protege GX Training Kit or the equivalent hardware:

  • 1x Protege GX Controller (PRT-CTRL-DIN)
  • 1x Protege DIN Rail 4A Intelligent Power Supply (PRT-PSU-DIN-4A)
  • 1x Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad (PRT-KLCS)
  • 2 x tSec Multi-Technology Card Readers (at least one of which must include a PIN pad and Bluetooth capability)
  • 8x programable cards - a combination of DESFire (PRX-ISO-DF) and MIFARE (PRX-ISO-MF) is recommended

A web cam is required for all webinar courses, and a second monitor is highly recommended.

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