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Certified Protege GX Integrator (Level 2)

Availability: Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days


Take your installer training to the next level. Aimed at integrators responsible for installing medium to large Protege projects, this course has a focus on advanced system programming. It also covers the entire feature set available enabling you to focus on specific areas.

Items covered include:

  • Overview of Recent Features and Products
  • Advanced Intruder Detection
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Automation and Control
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • ProtegeGX Soap
  • Elevator HLI
  • DVR/NVR Integration
  • ProtegeGX Web Client

Note: Participants must have successfully completed the Protege GX Installer (Level 1) training prior to attending this course.

Prerequisites/Course requirements:

All students require a laptop that meets the minimum system requirements. Refer to the Protege GX Installation Manual for details.

For web based courses, you will also need a Protege GX Training Kit or the equivalent hardware:

  • 1x Protege GX Controller (PRT-CTRL-DIN)
  • 1x Protege DIN Rail 4A Intelligent Power Supply (PRT-PSU-DIN-4A)
  • 1x Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad (PRT-KLCS)
  • 2 x tSec Multi-Technology Card Readers (at least one of which must include a keypad and Bluetooth capability)
  • 8x programable cards - a combination of DESFire (PRX-ISO-DF) and MIFARE (PRX-ISO-MF) is recommended

While not strictly essential, a web cam and second monitor is highly recommended.

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