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Door Interlocking

A simple solution to securing hazards

Door interlocking is used to restrict access between hazardous and safe areas, by ensuring only one of the connected doors can be opened at any one time. If one door is open, the other must be closed, meaning there is never a direct path open to the outside.   

Interlocks can also serve a dual purpose in certain scenarios. For example, in clean rooms they keep external contaminants like dust outside, while containing hazardous materials inside the restricted area. 

Why Choose an ICT Solution?

Traditionally you needed separate systems to control interlocks, but this feature is built into ICT’s unified platform. Now it’s easy to use door interlocking with your access control, or even building automation.

Historically, systems required additional tools to enable door interlocking, and they wouldn’t work together with access control. Unlike other solutions, ICT’s integrated system needs no additional software*. With this feature built-in to ICT’s Protege platform, it’s easy to interlock doors as part of your access control and building automation solution. And as an additional benefit, with only one system to program and manage, it makes reporting simple. 

See How Door Interlocking Works

Use Cases

With so many diverse applications, door interlocking can be used in a wide variety of industries.

Pharmaceutical clean rooms, research facilities and laboratories often contain environmentally controlled rooms to prevent sample contamination and ensure the integrity of any work being carried out. With a small corridor and two airtight doors separating the room from other areas, door interlocking prevents both doors from being unlocked simultaneously.

Commercial cannabis operations maintain controlled environments for optimal growth, and are subject to very specific security and reporting requirements. Door interlocking denies access until the interlocked door is sealed, and can be used in combination with other features such as compliance types and area counting to further enhance security. Watch this in action

Zoos and wildlife parks have a responsibility to ensure that the animals in their care are always safe in their enclosures. To prevent breakouts, door interlocking is used to ensure that the door to the enclosure cannot be opened without the other door being closed. This also prevents users without the correct permissions from entering the enclosure.

Data centers hold a wealth of digital assets and physical security is a high priority. Door interlocking is used to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas by tailgating other users. Before access is granted, proof of identity can be required through a biometric reader or positive identification by a system operator through a live camera feed.

In prisons, door interlocking is used to ensure that visitors and staff have the correct credentials to enter the facility. This feature also prevents anyone from bringing restricted items with them into the prison as staff can easily conduct searches within the secure area.

Talk to us about Door Interlocking

With features such as door interlocking, a Protege solution provides an intuitive tool to keep people and properties safe -  and can benefit any organization.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or would like to schedule a demo on door interlocking with one of our sales team, enter your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Secure your future.

Other Key Features

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

What you have (card) and what you know (PIN)/who you are (biometrics)- prevents a lost or stolen credential from being used to gain unauthorized access.

Dual Custody

Dual Custody

Allows an object to be treated the same way as a human user, so you can control and monitor the flow of objects through a building.

Compliance Types

Compliance Types

Ensure people entering a restricted area have the appropriate training, and trigger on-screen events as reminders of certifications that will be expiring soon. 

Dual Authentication

Dual Authentication

Requires two authorized users to supply credentials to gain access to a door.

How to Setup

It takes just a few short steps to configure door interlocking in Protege GX.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of how easy it is.


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