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ICT DIN Rail 2 x 3 Enclosure 


ICT’s range of DIN rail enclosures combine simplicity and robust design to provide a flexible installation solution that is effortless to mount and maintain. The lockable multi-tier enclosure is ideal for multiple mounting configurations, and features six full size product bays. The 2 x 3 DIN rail enclosure not only looks great, it also enables you to get the most out of your Protege DIN rail hardware.

  • Rail included
  • Removable door
  • Internal cover panel
  • Space for finger trunking or cable tie wiring
  • Wide range of cable knockouts
  • Optional wiring accessories for plug and play module installation, high voltage wiring
  • Keyway holes for simple mounting
  • Ventilation holes to ensure adequate air flow and avoid overheating.


Made with powder coated 1mm steel, the enclosure is structurally robust. The enclosure is rated to IP50, where temperatures are expected to vary between -10°C and +40°C (14°F and 104°F), with an average relative humidity of approximately 75 % (noncondensing).

The enclosure has a removable door and removable cover panel for fast, simple mounting and maintenance. The cover panel protects wiring and provides a professional look to the installation, while still allowing easy access to the front panel LED indicators of the installed DIN rail modules.

You can also remove the lower rail to install a 7Ah battery.

Keyway holes on the back of the enclosure ensure simple surface mounting on an interior wall.

Ventilation holes allow for adequate air flow to prevent overheating.

Space (25mm) is provided above and below DIN module locations for finger trunking or use of the cable tie points for secure, clean wiring. Multiple knockouts for trunking and field wiring are available in convenient locations on the cabinet body.

Includes a knockout for a standard panel mount IEC mains voltage connector.

Bonding wire looms for earth connection to the enclosure and door are supplied.

The enclosure includes a tamper switch, used to send signals to the monitoring station or remote computer that the enclosure has been opened.

The enclosure comes supplied with a cabinet accessory pack including:

  • Cam lock
  • Tamper switch
  • Tamper bracket

The enclosure may also be used with:

  • A Fused Panel Mount IEC C14 Socket to allow plug and play installation of power supply modules
  • A Quick Connect RS-485 Daisy Chain Cable loom for easy installation and connection of all DIN rail modules
  • A Mylar Blanking Panel (EN-DIN-MYLAR) to allow covering of unused product bays

Featuring six full size product bays, the enclosure is ideal for multiple mounting configurations with a mix of full size modules, half size modules, and batteries.

Mounting Options

Each product bay can mount:

  • One full sized DIN rail module (e.g. Protege two door controller, 4A or 8A power supply, full sized expander modules), or
  • Two half sized DIN rail modules (e.g. Protege one door controller, 2A power supply, half sized expander modules), or
  • One 7Ah battery (bottom row only)


Ordering Information
EN-DIN-23 DIN Rail Enclosure 2 x 3 Wall-Mount Metal Cabinet
Cable Entry
Cable Knockouts 11 conduit cable knockouts
1 knockout for IEC mains voltage connector
Cable Tie Points 20 points for field wiring
Cables Supports the Fused Panel Mount IEC C14 Socket and the Quick Connect RS-485 Daisy Chain Cable
Wire Looms Bond wire looms included for earth connection to the enclosure
Tamper Dedicated hardware tamper input
Lock Cam lock
Environmental IP Rating
IP Rating IP50
Finger Trunking Space 25mm
Dimensions (H x W x D) 550 x 443 x 102mm (21.6 x 17.4 x 4.0")
Net Weight 8.2kg (18lb)
Gross Weight 8.7kg (19.2lb)

Regulatory Notices

By design, the enclosures for all ICT products comply with the EN50131 standards. Tamper protection against removal of the cover, as well as removal from mounting, is provided by the tamper switch.

Protege systems conform to AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 intruder alarm systems standards for the construction, operation, performance and installation of intruder alarm equipment and systems installed in client's premises.