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ArmorIP Internet
Monitoring Receiver


The ArmorIP Receiver is an advanced technology remote monitoring solution designed to operate over high speed broadband multiplexed connections. Comprising of a UL/ULC listed Comark Server and preinstalled with the ArmorIP Internet Monitoring Application, the ArmorIP Receiver is supplied ready to mount in a standard 19" rack, and converts the ICT ArmorIP reporting protocol used by the Protege System or third party products, for use in any Ademco 685 compliant monitoring station application.

  • UL and ULC listed to standards UL1610, CAN/ULC-S304 and CAN/ULC-S559
  • Full ArmorIP Protocol support
  • NIST Certified AES 128, 192 and 256 Bit Encryption
  • Monitors and supervises up to 10000 simultaneous sites
  • Converts the ICT ArmorIP reporting protocol for use in any Ademco 685 compliant monitoring station application
  • Industry-standard 19 inch rack or cabinet compatible
  • Includes 1 year annual subscription


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization responsible for accrediting consumer products based upon criteria set in place by major consumer safety organizations. All UL listed products go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet stringent industry performance standards. The ArmorIP Receiver is listed to the following UL/ULC standards:

  • UL1610 – Central Station Burglar Alarm Units
    This standard applies to components of central station burglar alarm systems intended and specifically designated for burglary protection use at mercantile and banking premises, on mercantile safes, and on bank safes and vaults
  • CAN/ULC-S304 - Signal Receiving Center and Premise Burglar Alarm Control Units
    This standard covers construction and performance requirements for signal receiving center burglar alarm control units, including signal receiving, recording and supervisory control units intended for permanent use within a signal receiving center. It also covers associated burglar alarm control units to be installed within mercantile and banking premises and on safes and vaults for protection against burglary
  • CAN/ULC-S559 - Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centers and Systems
    This standard covers requirements for fire signal receiving centers and systems which include transmitting, receiving equipment and proprietary fire signal receiving center equipment and control unit accessories

ArmorIP is one of the only systems in the world to meet the ULC Level A4 active communications standard for burglary and fire monitoring (CAN/ULC S304). The system detects and identifies any attempt to send data in a format that cannot be decoded or has invalid data as a compromise attempt. Each compromise attempt sends a notification to the receiver and logs the event.

All communications can optionally be configured to use AES encryption with 128, 192, or 256 bit keys.

The ArmorIP protocol outputs full textual based transmission that includes the names of the items (user, area or zone) that generated the reportable event. Each item can be individually configured to define the display text that is used to identify it within ArmorIP. ArmorIP then reads the number from ContactID and uses the display text (if defined) when displaying an event. For example, instead of displaying an event as Zone 8 activated, it may be displayed as Warehouse SW PIR activated.

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