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Stay informed with email on event

Stay Informed with Email on Event Notifications

There’s no point in having lots of data if it’s not reaching the right people, at the right time. The events generated in Protege GX everyday are very useful for reporting and collecting data, but what happens if certain events need more attention?

Of course, Protege GX includes central station reporting as standard, but by using the Email on Event features, you get additional customized notifications sent automatically direct to whoever needs to take action.

This article gives you an overview on the Email on Event feature, explains why you might want to use it, and covers the basics on how to set it up.

Please note: The Email on Event is included in all Protege GX standard licenses. If you're using a Protege GX starter license, you'll need to upgrade to a standard license in order to use this feature. Protege GX must also have access to an SMTP server so that it can send emails out.


Email on Event actions automatically send a notification to specified recipients as soon as the event occurs. Like an automated FYI, it’s great for making people aware of a situation when an urgent response is not required.

Key Features

  • Email on Event can be configured for any event type in the Protege GX system, and filtered by specific records such as individual doors, areas, or users.
  • You can send emails to one or more recipients. These do not need to be Protege GX operators.
  • The Protege GX client does not need to be running.
  • You can customize the email subject line and message, to include key information, such as the event time, description and user name.

Use Cases

Compliance Credentials - A staff member enters the warehouse and his forklift license is expiring in 90 days. When he badges at the reader, it triggers an email to notify HR to follow up on license renewal (see Application Note: AN-286: Programming Compliance Types in Protege GX for details).

Security Notifications - The client is concerned about break-ins, so when there is an alarm or forced door on the premises, the manager and CEO receive an email with key information about the event.

Timekeeping - An owner likes to know when staff have left the building at the end of the day. They will get an email when the alarm is armed and the front door closes.

Setup Basics

The following outlines the basic steps required to setup Email on Event notifications. For full instructions, please refer to the Application Note AN-332 Setting up Event Notifications in Protege GX.

Event Filter

Email on Event actions need an event filter record to instruct which types of events will be sent as notifications. You can program event filters in Protege GX from Events | Event Filters.

Configuring the SMTP Settings

Protege GX must have access to an SMTP server so that notification emails can be sent. This is configured under the global settings.

Programming the Email on Event Action

Once these steps have been setup, you can create the Email on Event action record which instructs Protege GX to send emails when selected events occur.

Under Events | Actions you will add and name a new action, set the Type and Event Filter, then enter the email addresses to send the notifications to.

Email Field Variables

You can now use Email Field Variables to customize the email subject and message to include the key information. This includes options such as:

  • Event ID and times
  • Descriptions
  • Door name
  • User name and ID
  • Facility and card numbers
  • Alarm instructions, acknowledgements, and comments.

For more information on using Email on Event in Protege GX, refer to the application note: AN-332: Setting up Event Notifications in Protege GX.

And, if you’re using the Protege Mobile App, an alternative option is to send push notifications directly to operators' phones. For more information about this feature and programming instructions, see the application note: AN-201: Protege GX Push Notification Setup.

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