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Protege X system overview

One of the key benefits of Protege X is that the cloud-based solution negates the need for multiple competing systems, simplifying programming and implementation, management, and control.

With the shift to a cloud-based access control and intrusion solution, there’s new terminology and functionality to become familiar with. One of the most exciting features of Protege X is the ability to bring multiple properties together under a single secure instance in the cloud.

Places vs locations: what’s the difference?

While Protege GX uses the language of sites, Protege X uses locations and places.

  • Location: An individual property, which can contain one or more controllers
  • Place: A group of locations

For example, let’s think about a sporting goods retail chain named Benny’s. Each individual storefront of Benny’s would be a location, while the group of Benny’s locations would be a place, named Benny’s Place.

Now let’s think of Benny’s headquarter office – it’s 3 stories high with a controller on each floor. While each controller has its own functions, it would still be one location, and would sit with the other retail storefronts within Benny’s Place.

Key benefits

Operating multiple locations as a single place, consolidates all systems together in harmony. There's even more reason to celebrate:

Easier to setup

Thanks to the cloud, installers can pre-program the Protege X system before hardware is installed. Centralized programming of the entire system means there’s no need to duplicate programming and databases across multiple on-location door access controllers, improving installation efficiency and removing the inherent security risks associated with multiple user databases.

Easier to manage

Centralized controllers mean easier system management. Easily add, edit, or remove users for all connected places and locations from a single user portal. You can also administer access rights across all locations, to ensure people aren’t entering areas they shouldn’t be.

Easier to report

Understand what’s happening across all locations at a glance, from one easy-to-use interface. Advanced reporting is enabled thanks to PowerBI, which can be used to analyze a single location or the entire place to uncover operational efficiencies.

Easier to scale

Protege X is scalable from small and medium businesses to global enterprises. If Benny’s opens a new storefront, adding them to Benny’s Place is as simple as installing a controller and connecting to the Protege X cloud server. Don’t get locked into a system that won’t adapt to business growth.

Easier mobile control

Created with flexibility in mind, end-users can self-monitor and control any number of locations from their smart phone with the Protege Mobile App. Add users, open or lock doors, and report on daily events from any device. Complete visibility over all your locations, whether it’s just down the road or across an ocean.

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