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Protege Tenancy Portal: Your digital concierge  

Make managing, living, and working in multi-tenanted buildings a breeze with the Protege Tenancy Portal.

To keep up with the growing population demand of cities, analysts estimate that 4.6 million apartment units need to be built across the United States alone. Managing visitor access for hundreds of people in apartments or condos can be tricky. How do you ensure that visitors feel welcome while also keeping your perimeter security secure?

The answer: ICT’s video intercom solution with the Protege Entry Station, Protege Mobile App, and the Protege Tenancy Portal.

The tenancy portal automatically creates a phonebook from your Protege GX user records and syncs with the Entry Station and Protege Mobile App. Tenants in the phonebook can then receive video calls using the Protege Mobile App or audio calls from the Entry Station to their mobile phone or landline.

Residents can see and speak to visitors, clients, or delivery people and unlock the door for them – all directly from their phone. The real perk of this solution is that you don’t have to be in your apartment to answer the door or let someone in.

Check out our quick introductory video to see it in action:

Multifamily Solutions

Create a truly simple and robust security solution using ICT’s mobile credentials. Make life easy - tenants don’t need to carry around multiple cards or keys, and landlords or property managers don’t have the worry of collecting keys ever again.

Mobile credentials are also inherently more secure than a card as they’re less likely to be shared, stolen, or lost. And ICT’s one-time fee makes them a cost-effective option.

For individual residences, the EliteSuite apartment specific control keypad provides a discrete intrusion solution with unique PINs for each apartment. Using the Protege platform, EliteSuite provides centralized management options and allows on-site security staff to monitor and follow up on alarms for extra peace of mind. The concierge can also send a notification directly to the keypad, allowing simple messages to be delivered in a convenient fashion

To learn more about the parts of our video intercom solution, check out these resources:


Managing visitor access for hundreds of people can be simple and seamless for everyone with the Protege Tenancy Portal, Entry Station and Mobile App. Bring ease to your life with ICT’s video intercom solution.

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