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Protege Mobile App


Monitor and control your building while on the go, with the ease and convenience of your smartphone. With the swipe of a finger you can connect to any of your Protege WX or GX sites, check the status, arm or disarm, control lights, locks, signage, heating - even cameras - from anywhere, at any time.

  • Simple to install and set up
  • Receive alerts of system or sensor activity
  • Instant system control - arm and disarm with a simple tap
  • One touch control for advanced functions
  • View live camera feeds from IP cameras
  • Use your smartphone or mobile device as an access credential to replace your existing card or tag

The Mobile App also enables smartphones and mobile devices for access control use with NFC / Bluetooth® enabled tSec Readers.


View and control the state of doors, areas, sensors (inputs), controls (outputs) and cameras (selected stream types) with a simple tap or a long press for advanced functions.

No more second guessing whether you set the alarm before leaving the office - the app provides instant awareness of system status, and enables you to arm or disarm with a simple tap. Fumbling for a garage remote becomes a thing of the past as you can use your phone to open the door. And forget about coming home to a cold, dark unwelcoming apartment. A few more taps and you have the heating and lights turned on, all from the comfort of your car.

Use your smartphone or mobile device as your access credential for maximum convenience using Bluetooth®, NFC, or Shake to Unlock. With support for most modern iOS and Android devices, you can unlock the door using a unique access credential that is entered against your user record in Protege WX or Protege GX, and authenticated by a secure cloud based server.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Integrated Control Technology is under license.

View the live events that you would usually see in your Protege WX or Protege GX system. This enables you to easily identify which areas are being armed or disarmed, who is passing through the doors, and which inputs have raised an alarm. If you’re looking for specific events, you can use the search function. Events are filtered as you type, so more specific descriptions will help to easily find the events that you’re looking for.

Subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts of system or sensor activity. As a parent you get peace of mind to see the system disarmed when the kids return home from school. As a business owner, you see that the system is disarmed at the start of the day, and rearmed when everyone goes home. And of course, you’re alerted promptly of any alarms.

The mobile app supports monitoring of IP cameras that allow direct URL access to either a static JPG image feed or a streaming MJPG video feed. If you can paste a URL into your browser and view the raw camera image, you can view the feed from the Protege Mobile App.

The Mobile App includes customizable menus that enable you to:

  • Switch the display between grid and list view. Switching to list view is ideal for sites that contain many records
  • Add and remove items from the home page. This allows you to customize the layout of your home page to ensure that records that you don’t want to see are removed, and ones that you want to easily monitor are readily available
  • Reorder records on each of the control pages. Doing this enables you to rearrange them in alphabetical order, in order of importance, or based on what the record controls
  • Search for specific records on any of the control pages, or on the home page. Results are filtered as you type, and the more specific your descriptions are the more quickly you will find the event or record that you’re looking for

Available for iPhone and Android, the Protege Mobile App can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.