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An illustration of a hand holding an ICT branded access control card

Migrate from G-Prox II to DESFire with ease 

With G-Prox™ II cards often unavailable now, how do you add new users to a Verex system? Or deal with replacements for staff that have misplaced their credentials? 

At ICT we're committed to providing the highest security solutions for our customers, which is why we're shifting to EV3 for all MIFARE DESFire credentials as of April 2023.

It’s been over a year since Interlogix stopped all technical support for Verex systems (after manufacturing stopped in 2019). Since then, many business owners and security managers have been left wondering what to do.

The idea of updating your security system may seem like a hassle and an unnecessary expense, but ICT’s three easy migration paths make it easy and cost-effective.

And as you start your Verex upgrade journey, you’ll also be increasing the security of your site with ICT’s dual technology credential that works with both G-Prox II and MIFARE DESFire. It’s backwards compatible with legacy Verex readers and an ICT multi-technology tSec or tSec Slim Line reader.

Think of it as a way to reduce the cost of reissuing cards while you look at upgrading hardware over time. We make it easy to move towards a higher security solution at your own pace.

Why switch from G-Prox to DESFire?

DESFire credentials are more secure than a G-Prox II alternative. With ICT, there are no supply constraints or long lead times. And, with a dual technology option available you can switch at your own pace - making the move to DESFire a no-brainer.  

Illustration of hand holding a white access card that contains the text 125kHz
G-Prox II
  • 125kHz low frequency
  • Legacy proximity format
  • One-way communication
  • Insecure - open to relay attacks and can be cloned
  • Unencrypted
  • Only single technology on each credential
  • Technology is end of life
Illustration of hand holding a white access card that contains the text 13.56MHz
  • 13.56MHz high frequency
  • Smart credential technology
  • Two-way communication
  • Protected by industry leading security technology
  • AES-128 encryption
  • Dual technology credentials for easy transition
  • Ongoing security improvements
  • Multi-sector DESFire format also supports new upgrades such as wireless locks with a single card solution

The ICT solution makes it easy to migrate from Verex to Protege. For more help, check out our Key tips when migrating from Verex blog to see the two other steps you can take to move your security to ICT.

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