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Migration path

Key tips when migrating from Verex

Do you have a Verex security system protecting your people and premises?

You should know that Interlogix™ ceased production of its Verex security systems in late 2019 and ended technical support at the end of 2021.

The Security Problem

But why does this matter to you?

Well, without updates your access control and security system is extremely vulnerable. The security landscape is ever-changing as new and more sophisticated attacks become more prevalent. Hackers can more easily exploit any potential vulnerabilities, opening you up risks such as ransomware or relay attacks through your credentials, meaning people can easily get into your premises.

This was seen when in 2022, a new relay attack against Bluetooth® LE systems was found and demonstrated , enabling the hacker to unlock Bluetooth® enabled devices like card readers without the physical credential. If your system is no longer being updated, staying on top of these trends becomes impossible.

Finally, everything breaks eventually. Replacing parts of a system that’s no longer being made will become more and more difficult as time goes on.

To learn more about the security risks and vulnerabilities, check out our blog article “How to mitigate the security risks of a legacy Verex system”.

What to consider

When migrating from a Verex system there are a few key things that you should talk to an installer about:

  • Your type of site: are you a single site, or do you have multiple locations that need to be upgraded?
  • The number of users that you have
  • The types of cards and readers used, such as 125kHz prox or 13.56MHz smart cards and readers.
  • Database migration
  • Building management
  • What third-party integrations is your Verex system set up with? Are there any integrations you’re looking for?
  • Finally, are you or your business thinking of expanding one day?

This may all sound very technical but it’s not a heavy lift on your end. We understand you’ve invested money in your previous system, but we have ways of protecting that investment while also future proofing your business. That’s because with Protege, upgrading your site from Verex doesn’t have to be a huge expense.

Which system is right for you

The considerations above will help you think about what system you need.

Protege GX

Protege GX

ICT’s server based, enterprise level integrated access control, intruder detection, and building automation solution, Protege GX has a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to expand. Designed around the end users’ needs, Protege GX is a truly cross-platform solution. It’s loaded with functionality that provides true benefit to any organization.

Protege WX

Protege WX

Our SME level, all-in-one system for single sites, Protege WX is an out-of-the-box solution that leverages intuitive, wizard-based programming that is easy for end users to manage and maintain. The web-based interface transforms the way you manage your security, so you have the freedom to configure, control, and monitor their system from anywhere.

Migrating: Easy as 1, 2, 3

ICT has developed 3 ways to migrate from Verex to an ICT Protege system, whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise.

ICT offers a transitional card solution that enables a Verex operator to continue issuing credentials to new users. These dual technology cards include G-Prox™ II and MIFARE DESFire capability and are backwards compatible with legacy Verex readers and an ICT multi-technology tSec or tSec Slim Line card reader. With MIFARE DESFire onboard, you can move towards a higher security solution at your own pace.

ICT can cater to both SME and Enterprise requirements for legacy site migrations with either a Protege WX or Protege GX controller, all while supported Verex network modules remain in place. Expanded functionality is also enabled, however, you are limited by the constraints of the current network. Our hardware features a compact DIN rail design for convenient installation.

For a comprehensive and unified access control and intrusion solution we recommend you replace the Verex network with robust ICT hardware in addition to either Protege WX or Protege GX. When installed by an ICT Dealer Network member (IDN) all DIN Rail hardware is covered with a 5 year warranty and operators are extended peace of mind knowing the system is supported by on-call technical support and a dedicated R&D team. A full ICT migration also unlocks high security network communications, third party integrations and much more.


You can also see how easy it is in our short video:

Send us a message to talk to one of our representatives about your needs and migrating your property to Protege.

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