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Aerial view of black Safeguard self storage building in Cambridge, New Zealand

Smart Solutions to Secure Self Storage 

Safeguard and ICT


Safeguard is a rapidly growing chain of forward-thinking self storage facilities with 19 branches across New Zealand. They offer an extensive range of self storage units with fully gated and alarmed locations. These remain easily accessible for customers thanks to the innovative security solution provided by ICT partners Millennium Technology.

The self storage industry has seen significant growth over the last two decades with almost 10% of the total adult population in Australia and New Zealand now using self storage.

The latest Safeguard development is a shining example of what can be achieved with the right technology. The Hautapu site sits on the edge of the booming town of Cambridge, near Hobbiton, in the middle of New Zealand’s dairy farming heartland.

Project Highlights

  • Cost-effective Protege GX system that enables offsite management
  • Custom integration tools deliver tailored customer solutions
  • ArmorIP monitoring with 4G backup redundancy
  • Future-proofed for ongoing development
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Cambridge, New Zealand


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Storage Units

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Millennium Technology


ICT really improves our offering. Managers can customize and make changes that we wouldn't be able to do with other systems.

- Terry King, Managing Director at Safeguard

Black ICT keypad access control reader on an orange mount with orange roller door in the background

ICT really improves our offering. Managers can customize and make changes that we wouldn't be able to do with other systems.

Terry King, Managing Director at Safeguard

The Story

Legacy offerings in self storage security have been available for decades, but advances in technology mean customers are increasingly demanding smart solutions from modern storage businesses.

The relationship between Safeguard and local integrators Millennium Technology predates the current business. Terry King, Managing Director at Safeguard explains that he met Barry Mitchell, Director at Millennium Technology a decade ago, “We started off a relationship and he's been providing for us all the way through.”

This lengthy partnership means the duo have a deep understanding of the systems driving the self storage industry and how they can affect customers. After looking at different options, the unified ICT platform was chosen for its ability to deliver a future-proofed solution that would continue to deliver in the long-term.

Innovative technologies deliver benefits

As well as providing the security solution, Mitchell explains how the Protege platform provides a base that Millennium Technology has built on. “It enables us to add value by innovating new self storage specific cloud technologies through our software solution. ICT provides us with a robust backbone to deliver those to our self storage customers in a cost-effective manner.”

The nature of self storage means a lot of doors to control and wire up, so Millennium Technology developed a tool using the Protege GX SOAP Web Service – an API for custom integration – which has led to time savings of around 90% during setup and configuration.

Danie Harmse, Operations Manager at Millennium Technology says, “The legacy self storage systems were designed with specific functionalities in mind, but thanks to the intelligence of ICT, we can develop new solutions. This is one of the things I appreciate about ICT - the ability to create tools that simplify our lives.”

Simple, future-proofed solution

That solution is also driving obvious benefits for Safeguard staff and customers. No longer do staff have to be onsite if a customer has an issue with a PIN. “From a head office point of view, ICT makes it a lot better,” says King. “My general manager and operations manager can make changes and do things that we wouldn't be able to do with the other systems.”

Customers love the system because as soon as they have registered and paid, it only takes a few seconds before they get their PIN and they are ready to go. While staff love the freedom of the Protege Mobile App. Harmse says, “I set them up with the app, then they can open gates and roller doors, turn on lights, and more from their phone while they’re walking around, then just carry on with what they are doing.”

Pinpoint monitoring accuracy

One of the traditional challenges the self storage industry used to face was that a unit alarm would go off in a facility, but there was no way of knowing exactly which unit had raised the alarm given a single zone input. Thanks to ICT’s Armor IP, Safeguard has IP monitoring that delivers pinpoint accuracy and insight, which can be critical if an incident ever occurs.

“With ICT and ArmorIP, if unit C1 is forced open, our monitoring company will call and tell them unit C1 just opened and has an alarm,” explains Harmse. “There’s no need for anyone to log onto the system to check what is happening which makes our customers’ lives easier.”

Millennium Technology has also installed a Protege 4G Cellular Modem as a backup in case of power failure. The modem provides a secondary reporting path so the monitoring company still receives alarms and can react to any incidents such as if the electric fence is cut, keeping Safeguard secure.

Turning challenges to opportunities

An installation like this with almost 300 doors presents plenty of challenges, but the team at Millennium Technology thrives on this.

“We’re problem solvers by nature so challenges are what we deal with every day. If you look around Safeguard here, there's almost 300 doors here to wire in. Trying to do that cost-effectively is always a challenge. But ICT helps us to deliver that by centralizing that solution,” says Mitchell.

This centralization delivers other opportunities for the team from Safeguard. “It means we now don’t have to have a manager onsite,” says King. “That gives us options to use a call center for facilities under 150 units. Being able to open units and gates for particular customers at particular times is something that’s going to be really beneficial for us moving forward.”

Find out more about ICT

If you’d like to know more about how these features could benefit your business, or would like information on ICT's unified solution, contact us today and we will put you in touch with an ICT professional in your area.

The Outcome

Using ICT hardware and technology, the solution developed by Millennium Technology uses Protege GX to provide a secure storage environment. This allows Safeguard to focus on innovation which drives growth for the business and respond to customers' changing needs, so they continue providing an outstanding self storage experience.

Future focused technology

According to King, “Storage is definitely becoming a technology-based business, and ICT gives us a better option around that. Having managers that don’t need to be on site all the time gives us another opportunity.

Millennium Technology is not sitting still either. According to Mitchell, “Self storage is a fast-moving industry and we've got to keep up with that momentum.”

With more development in the pipeline, Millennium Technology will continue to deliver forward-thinking security solutions, and Safeguard plans to roll out Protege GX across further sites as they continue their expansion around New Zealand.

Thanks to the intelligence of ICT, we can create tools that simplify our lives.

- Danie Harmse, Operations Manager at Millennium Technology

External of black self storage building with orange roller doors

Thanks to the intelligence of ICT, we can create tools that simplify our lives.

 - Danie Harmse, Operations Manager at Millennium Technology


Millennium Technology

The Millennium Technology team takes pride in delivering exceptional solutions to clients in Waikato and beyond. With expertise in Protege GX, they specialize in offering cloud-focused IT and security solutions that cater to the needs of New Zealand businesses.

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