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Certified Protege WX Installer (Level 1)

Availability: Online 
Duration: Self paced (online) 


Aimed at installers responsible for small to medium Protege WX installation projects, this course covers everything from hardware, wiring and power through to system architecture and connections. You will learn how to install Protege WX systems to ensure successful physical installation of a Protege WX site.

Items covered include:

  • Introduction to the Protege WX platform
  • System architecture
  • Hardware overview
  • The Protege module network
  • Cabling and power requirements
  • Hardware connections and initial configuration

Upon completion, you will be eligible to enroll in the Protege WXpert Integrator (Level 2) course. .

Prerequisites/Course requirements:

All students require a laptop with internet connection

While not strictly essential, a Protege WX Training Kit or Protege WX controller is recommended to enable completion of the initial hardware configuration.