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Aperio Integration

Keyless access. Made easy.

Aperio integration offers the same real-time communication as traditional access control without the inconvenience of wiring the door. The Aperio technology is embedded in the locking devices and then fitted into the door, allowing the door to be wirelessly linked to the Protege system, thereby increasing the security level of your premises.

Existing doors are easily equipped with Aperio locks and at a much lower cost than traditional access controlled doors as there is no complicated wiring or other intrusive work required, and you can continue to use your existing mortise locks. Aperio is fully compatible with 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz MIFARE/DESFire technologies, allowing you to use your existing credentials thereby avoiding expensive migration costs. With all doors linked online, authorization is updated in real time, providing a high level of control.

How it works

The user presents their credentials to the Aperio lock. The lock sends the relevant user information to the Aperio Hub which in turn relays it to the Protege Controller. The Protege Controller then makes a decision based on the configured access permissions and the result is sent back to the Aperio lock and the user is granted or denied access accordingly in real time.

ICT and Aperio Integration


  • Installation is both simple and cost effective as there is no need to hard wire or supply power at the door, and cylinders or escutcheons can be retrofitted to existing lock sets
  • Compatible with existing 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz MIFARE/DESFire credentials
  • Secure wireless communication with AES 128bits encryption
  • Real time access control and event monitoring for greater security and control
  • Online audit trail and battery status
  • Available in both Escutcheon and Cylinder lock types to support a range of doors and environments

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