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Allegion Integration

Keyless access. Made easy.

Protege integrates directly with the Allegion AD and ENGAGE series of locks to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution to meet your security needs - even where wiring won't reach. Integration is available in both hardwired (AD-300) and wireless (AD-400, ENGAGE) configurations to suit your requirements. The locks feature a built-in credential reader and door control sensors for simplified installation.

The online controller level integration allows the locks to communicate with the Protege system in real time - giving you real time access control and event monitoring without the need for complex (and costly) wiring. Lock reader heads are available in 13.56MHz MIFARE/DESFire, 125kHz proximity, and magstripe, all with optional keypad. Locks are available in mortise, mortise deadbolt, cylindrical and exit trim chassis.

How it works

On site, the user presents their credentials to the lock that sends the relevant user information to the PIM module which in turn relays it to the Protege controller. The controller then makes a decision based on the configured access permissions and the result is sent back to the lock, and the user is granted or denied access in real time.

ENGAGE (NDEB & LE/B) Wireless Locks

The Allegion ENGAGE series LE/NDE wireless locks connect with both standard and single door Protege controllers through the ENGAGE Gateways (GWEs) via RS-485 enabled reader ports. Protege supports 64 GWEs per controller and 32 GWEs per reader port. The Protege controller can support up to 128 LE/NDE locks with a GWE supporting 10 LE/NDE locks per gateway. These wireless locks are online, allowing you to monitor events and receive real-time updates about the door status in the Protege controller. 

ENGAGE series wireless locks communicate over the 2.4GHz frequency. The 2.4 GHz band is recognized as a worldwide standard (802.11 b/g/n) for WiFi communication and offers more channels and greater potential density than lower frequency devices. 

AD-400 Wireless Locks

Communication with the AD-400 wireless lock is like the ENGAGE Series – but instead uses a PIM which is connected to the Protege controller via RS-485. It communicates via 900 MHz frequency which enables longer transmission ranges as wavelengths can travel a greater distance and better penetrate typical building construction – allowing for simplified system design. As 900 MHz operates on a different frequency to WiFi, it won’t burden existing IT infrastructure. It also allows for up to 128 locks to be connected to a single Protege controller. 

AD-300 Wired Locks

A multi-drop RS485 bus is used to connect the AD-300 series lock directly to the Protege Controller. Up to 32 locks may be connected to a single reader port on the controller, allowing up to 64 AD-300 locks per controller.

Protege and Allegion Integration - How it Works


  • Simplifies installation by combining the electrified lock, door sensors, and reader into one device, saving both time and money
  • Wireless option extends the reach of access control to areas where running wires is difficult or expensive
  • Compatible with 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz MIFARE/DESFire credentials, and PIN with keypad option
  • Secure wireless communication with AES 128bits encryption
  • Real time access control
  • Live audit trail and battery status monitoring from within the Protege system

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