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MSMQ Integration

Join the queue.

Integration with MSMQ provides the ability to transmit specific events to a queue using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ). This allows third party applications, services, and processes, to take advantage of real time event connectivity with the Protege GX Server. The implementation of the MSMQ technology provides a very flexible approach to integration and multiple message queues can be used. The MSMQ actions post the event in an XML format.

The Protege GX and MSMQ integration supports platforms such as D3 Security Management System or Perspective by PPM200 enabling live alarm messages based on the programmed filter in GX to be sent immediately to the incident management system. Event filters can easily be configured in GX allowing complete control over what events are sent to the MSMQ.

Send access events for a specific door to MSMQ for time and attendance using the defined Protege GX event filter. The attendance solution extracts these events from the message queue using the card number included in the event data, and the events are then processed by the time and attendance system.

Implement a live hazardous area peg board using a small C# application that links to the MSMQ and the in/out events from specific card readers that control access to the hazardous or restricted area. As a user presents their card, they are processed by the application and shown as either being in or out of the area. When the alarm is armed, the queue is cleared and the cycle starts the next disarm cycle.

Systems such as sports facilities, can link to the MSMQ for user data to provide a usage count, pay as you go, or usage recharge system to determine the number of uses that person has remaining. Data can be used to adjust access using the Protege GX SDK, and display user details outside courts or beside lighting stations. This allows a completely automated approach, reducing time, energy consumption and system abuse.

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