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Automation and Control Protocol

An open book.

The Automation and Control protocol turns an ICT Protege system into an open book. We even give you the pen.

Designed to allow third party automation products such as those provided by Control 4, Crestron, AMX, C-Bus, Savant, OpenRemote and Command Fusion, to communicate directly with Protege controllers, the protocol enables you to control doors, areas, outputs, inputs and variables, anywhere in the system, and to monitor the status of these items then report back if the status of the item changes.

Programming language independent, it simply defines how a third party system will communicate with a Protege system, and allows you to control your security system, building access, air-conditioning and lighting from a single interface device without the need for overly complicated software. When ease of use is paramount, a simple press, tap or swipe can arm and disarm areas, check the state of the system, and lock or unlock doors.

Log in using your usual PIN and access level

Unlock doors and control any output

Arm/Disarm an area in regular, stay, force, or instant modes, and bypass inputs

Automatic notifications when a specified door, area, output, input, or variable changes state

Request the state of doors, areas, outputs, inputs and variables

Automatic notifications of system events (all events or just reportable events)

Logout automatically or after a defined period of inactivity (up to 100 minutes)

One minute lock out after three incorrect login attempts, with every incorrect login attempt recorded by the system

Adjust values of variables in the system

Configurable encryption: None, 128, 192, or 256 bit AES

Support for TCP/IP connections

Compatible across all Protege systems

Control the level of lighting and the temperature of a building from your phone

Acknowledgement packets sent by default (can be disabled if interfacing equipment does not support them)

Configurable checksum type: None, 8 bit sum, 16 bit CRC

Ability to communicate with third party systems for alarm monitoring

Want to get your hands on the protocol?