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Cencon Integration

Streamlining Safe Locking and ATM Security

Integrating ProtegeGX with a Cencon O2 locking system from Dormakaba sets the benchmark in ATM and cash safe security. Institutions and retailers can now extend their security platform across an array of devices to include ATMs, cash safes, and teller cash recyclers. Managing these assets seamlessly through Protege GX offers ultimate flexibility whilst greatly reducing risk and maximizing operational efficiency.

Traditionally, safe and ATM locks have always been offline which means tasks such as changing combinations, managing users, and obtaining audit information, have required someone (usually a third party service company) to physically visit the locks for programming. This approach usually comes at high cost and inconvenience to your company. The ProtegeGX Cencon O2 integration removes this need, streamlining the tasks into the Protege GX platform to significantly reduce operational costs and increase your ability to manage and maintain your ATM’s, safes and other cash devices.

How it works

A Cencon Key Box is connected to a Protege GX workstation via USB and is used to manage Cencon smart keys. All operational tasks – such as managing locks, users, access, and events – are performed within the Protege GX interface. When an authorized user presents their smart key and PIN at a Cencon lock, the Cencon lock sends an event to the CenTran server. This information is pulled in real time from the Protege GX server and the event is logged and displayed within GX.

Already have an existing Cencon lock managed by a third party? No problem! Any Generation2 Cencon lock can be optimized to operate on the Cencon O2 and Protege GX platform. Your existing One Time Combination modes (Route and FLM) can still be controlled by the other party as Protege GX only requires Cenbank mode. Cenbank lock users are managed using Protege GX, while events from all modes are visible within Protege GX.

How it works

How Cencon makes a difference

Securing cash safes, ATMs, and other cash storage assets poses a unique challenge as these typically require diverse locking devices and shared access among multiple people (and often multiple companies) - those responsible for replenishing cash, those providing first or second line maintenance, and staff that require entry during certain hours.

Safes and ATMs have traditionally used mechanical or digital combination locks. In many cases, a single code is shared by multiple personnel to gain access to a safe that typically holds tens of thousands of dollars in cash, and with no accountability or access control, that’s some serious temptation for even the most honest of employees.

The Cencon O2 locking System is designed to remove this temptation and prevent insider theft through the use of intelligent software, lock hardware, and Smart Keys. When combined with ProtegeGX, it provides the ultimate solution for streamlining your networks safe and ATM access, maximizing efficiency, and maintaining central control and complete user accountability.



  • Operates in parallel with Cencon’s OTC modes (Route, FLM)
  • View Cencon lock status and monitor Cencon events from within Protege GX
  • Activate and manage Cencon locks and smart keys from a Protege GX workstation
  • Monitor and control access in real-time, with locks updated immediately
  • Associate events to locks enabling you to display a popup, retrieve camera footage, or trigger an email to a manager, when the event occurs
  • Use lock groups to manage unlimited branches, and assign lock groups to individual users or to access levels
  • Provide accurate audit trails and transaction logs from the Protege GX interface

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