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Inovonics Wireless Detection Devices and Transmitters

Wireless detection devices enable you to quickly detect unauthorized entry or activity within a secure area. Mobile duress devices offer the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, and even commercial buildings where the protection of people is a main focus.

How it works

Inovonics devices communicate with Protege controllers via the Inovonics Wireless Receiver Module. This module translates incoming Inovonics signals so that they are understood by Protege controllers. The receiver is configured via a web interface and registers in Protege as a reader expander. You can connect up to 255 Inovonics devices to a single receiver, including detectors and remotes. Each wireless device can be added to Protege and assigned trouble inputs. Remotes can be assigned to users to control Protege doors.

Using the inputs associated with the devices, the system triggers alarms for motion detection, duress, and door or window breaches. To extend the reach of the network, add Inovonics repeaters.

The 900 MHz band enables longer transmission ranges; wavelengths travel a greater distance and better penetrate typical building construction – allowing for simplified system design. And since 900 MHz operates on a different frequency from Wi-Fi, it won’t burden existing IT infrastructure.

How the Inovonics integration works


  • Simplifies installation by utilizing wireless technology
  • Extends the reach of intrusion detection to areas where running wires is difficult or expensive
  • Monitors the state of Inovonics devices - including low battery levels - using Protege trouble inputs
  • Future proofs your system by enabling you to easily add additional devices following the initial installation
  • Increases employee safety and building security

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