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tSec Extra
Card Holder


ICT’s tSec Extra Card Holder enables you to improve health and safety, provide machine management, and maximize energy efficiency by requiring an authorized user to be present at all times.

Proximity cards and readers are typically used for door control—a card is presented at the reader to gain access to a door and enter a building or restricted area. But they can also be used to control things such as lighting, heating, machinery, and other functions.

The tSec Extra Card Holder takes this a step further by requiring the card to remain in place, ensuring the authorized user is always present. The user simply slides their card into the holder and, once access is granted, the card reader activates the appropriate function. The card reader continues to verify that the card is still present. Once the card is removed, the function is automatically deactivated.


Drastically reduce the risk of injury by restricting access to hazardous machinery and ensuring a skilled machine operator is always present.

Prevent expensive equipment from being overused by turning it off automatically when the authorized user leaves the room.

Conserve energy by turning off lighting and setting air conditioning to switch to economy mode once a room is vacated.