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ICT Proximity
Silicone Wristband


ICT Proximity Silicone Wristbands provide a convenient, highly secure access solution. The slim, unobtrusive design ensures the device is comfortable and durable in all conditions. The wristbands are sweat and waterproof, making them an ideal choice for gyms, fitness centers and swimming facilities, and harsh outdoor and industrial environments. Wristbands are available in large, medium and small sizes, and come in either black or white.

  • Utilizes 13.56MHz MIFARE technology with read/write functionality
  • Waterproof silicone design prevents access to the wristband's components
  • Environmental rating of IP68 ensures maximum durability
  • Available in black and white
  • Choose from small, medium or large sizes
  • Suitable for environments where water and/or high temperatures are present
  • Wearable convenience for situations where carrying a card may not be practical or possible


ICT Secured MIFARE is ICT's implementation of the MIFARE standard. Credential data is protected with a diversified authentication key and encrypted with an AES 256 algorithm, effectively plugging the known security flaw in the MIFARE standard.

Other MIFARE formats are also available.

The slim, unobtrusive design ensures the wristband can be worn comfortably, including under protective clothing. This allows users to carry their credential on them at all times, making it fast and simple to move through access controlled doors.

Extremely durable, the wristbands carry an IP68 rating meaning they are resistant to water, heat, pressure and chemicals. This makes them an ideal choice for gyms, fitness centers and swimming facilities, along with harsh outdoor and industrial environments.

A range of ordering options provides additional flexibility:

  • Opt for black or white according to preference
  • Choose between small, medium and large sizes for the perfect fit and comfort


Ordering Information
PRX-SWB-MF-B-L Black Wristband - Large
PRX-SWB-MF-B-M Black Wristband - Medium
PRX-SWB-MF-B-S Black Wristband - Small
PRX-SWB-MF-W-L White Wristband - Large
PRX-SWB-MF-W-M White Wristband - Medium
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Typical Maximum Read Range * 15mm (0.59")
Typical Transaction Time < 100 ms
Communication Rate 106 Kbps
Memory 1 kB EEPROM organized in 16 sectors of 4 blocks (one block consists of 16 bytes)
Write Endurance 100,000 minimum
Data Retention 10 years minimum
Material Silicone
Dimensions (C x W x T) Large: 195 x 16 x 5 mm (7.6 x 0.6 x 0.2")
Medium: 180 x 16 x 5 mm (7 x 0.6 x 0.2")
Small: 152 x 16x 5 mm (6 x 0.6 x 0.2")
Net Weight Approx. 14.5 g (0.51 oz)
Gross Weight Variable packed qty
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -25˚ to 85˚C (-13˚ to 185˚F) / Relative Humidity 60%
Storage Temperature -25˚ to 120˚C (-13˚ to 248˚F) / Relative Humidity 60%
Environmental Rating IP68

* Read range is dependent upon installation conditions and may vary accordingly.