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Winners of the ICT (Australia) Excellence Awards

Last week, we hosted the official opening of our Melbourne office, including the ICT (Australia) Excellence Awards 2020 to recognize the best work in the industry by our partner base. This was an important event for us as it allowed us share in the progress and direction of the business moving forward, while also providing the opportunity to recognize those that do a stellar job at putting ICT at the forefront of their business.

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that attended the event. The awards acknowledge the efforts put in by our trusted partners across three key categories - ICT Technician of the Year, ICT Advocate of the Year, and ICT Project of the Year. There were some outstanding nominations and success stories, and we’re now pleased to announce the winners:

ICT Technician of the Year: David Buvari from Innovative Security and Data

David was nominated by his boss Clint Wolff for the consistent quality of his installations and passion for the business.

In the 3 years he has been with ISD, David has shown amazing skill and passion with the Protege GX range, and the quality of his installations is always 110%. Clint believes that out of 250 technicians around Australia and NZ, David is their hardest worker who also keeps the ISD installation team smiling every day with his positive attitude.

David got to take home a very handy tool package with 2-piece AEG combo drill kit, spare battery, Wiha screwdriver set, and a tool bag to keep everything safe.

Runner up to awards for technician of the year went to Alyas Karimie from Access Automate and to Clay Willie from McNamara Security & Data.

ICT Advocate of the Year: Lee Stopps & Eric Krcmar from Planet Controls

The ICT advocate of the year category recognizes an integration partner that lives and breathes ICT technology solutions and was awarded to Lee Stopps & Eric Krcmar from Planet Controls.

Planet Controls are one of our largest partners in Australia with a steadily growing number of Protege GX sites. They’ve been an ICT integrator for approximately 12 years, consistently leading with ICT and pushing ICT solutions for a wide range of applications.

Planet Controls won the much coveted kegerator which we are sure will go down a treat with the rest of the team.

The runner up award for advocate of the year went to Nathan Cayirylys from Electronic Security Technologies.

ICT Project of the Year: Tory Ogden from Voltora Industries

Tory has been involved with a project for the Queensland Police Service since the inception, developing a mobile speed camera solution in which portable road side trailers are deployed unattended on the side of the roads and highways across Queensland, Australia. These systems are a high target for vandalism, theft and other damage, so the uptime of the system is vital to ensure that the fleet of cameras are protected 24/7.

Protege GX has been installed across the speed camera trailers, providing remote alarm monitoring, arm/disarm control, and ensuring access to the trailers is restricted to authorized personal at all times. Advanced features and schedules further help GX stand out from the crowd with functions such as Quiet Mode during certain hours, ensuring sirens are not disturbing nearby residents in the middle of the night.

Tory wins the round-trip to Las Vegas to attend ISC West, including a tailor-made activity package and experiencing the Vegas night life - although unfortunately with this year’s event being postponed, he’ll have to wait until it’s rescheduled to attend.

The runner up award for the project of the year went to GEA Security for the ReLeaf Clinics project, Australia's first all in one clinic and marijuana dispensary - an original project and first of its kind in Australia.

We’d like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone that submitted entries. 2020 is set to be another year of growth and innovation for ICT in Australia and around the world, and we look forward to seeing what the next event brings!

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