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Viewing Event Reports in Protege GX

Imagine an item of value has gone missing from an office at your premises. You haven’t installed security cameras, so there’s no video footage to review. How can you determine who has been in the building so you can investigate further?

In this quick tip, we’ll outline how Event Reports can be used to see what is happening within the system and show you how easy it is to view a report in Protege GX.

Protege GX is the heart of your business’ access control and security interface. It’s designed to keep your people and property safe at all hours. It’s easy to use, effortless to scale, and seamlessly integrates with third-party products.

It’s likely your security integrator has already set up some Event Reports. If they haven’t, make sure you talk to them about your requirements.

Why would you need to view an Event Report?

Perhaps you’ve come back after lunch and found the front door wedged open. You can use the report to find out what time the door was opened and who opened it, then check any camera footage to see what happened.

Or maybe an employee has assured you that they set the alarm before they left last night but it was disarmed when you arrived this morning. Find out if the alarm was actually set, or if a problem occurred.

How to View an Event Report

You view an Event Report from the Reports menu. Once you run the report, you can filter the data and, if needed, export to a variety of formats.

We've put together a quick video that steps you through the process. 

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