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Integrating Access Control & Intruder Detection in Protege GX

Traditionally, access control systems and intruder detection systems have worked independently of each other. Our products work together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside. All without having to break a sweat.

Not only is an integrated solution a more cost effective option than two disparate systems, the features it unlocks lead to improved staff safety and a higher level of security, while creating a more user friendly solution that is simpler to use and more efficient to operate.

With Protege GX's user friendly interface, it's easy to get the integration going. Our latest tutorial video below runs through how to bring together door and area records. Using our example, you'll be able to use the state of an area to control a door, and prevent a door from unlocking on schedule if the area is armed. 

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