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Update to Protege GX Integration with Nx Witness

A key aspect to the ICT philosophy is the ability to integrate with other systems, simply and seamlessly. That's why we've updated our Video Management System integration with Nx Witness.

Protege GX now supports integration with Nx Witness VMS v5.0. A seamless integration between Protege GX and the DVR server is provided through the Protege GX Nx Witness Video Service. This integration enables security personnel to control cameras and view live and historical video footage from within the easy-to-use Protege GX interface – they can even be embedded directly into the Protege GX status pages, allowing for complete oversight of the premises.

Camera in status page in GX

The high-level interface provides bi-directional exchange of information, enabling the communication of PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the DVR. If desired, VMS events such as 'Motion Detected' can be monitored directly in Protege GX for a smart security solution.

Protege GX feature support for Nx Witness v5.0 also enables operators to:

  • View historic and archived video footage.
  • View live or archived video footage directly from an event associated with a camera.
  • Automatically launch a camera view window when specific types of events occur.
  • Send pre-set PTZ commands to the VMS in response to a Protege GX event filter.
  • View HLI events directly in Protege GX such as motion detection, storage full, camera temperature alarm, camera IP conflict, camera disconnected, and video analytic events.

Use Cases

This integration can benefit a wide variety of industries including:

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Government
  • Cannabis
  • Commercial/Industrial

To find out more about how Protege GX integrates with Nx Witness and information related to the supported version, please see Application Note, AN-265: Nx Witness Integration with Protege GX.

Your Protege GX Software must be 4.3.298 or higher. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend updating to the latest version, so your security is up to date. To do so, please head over to the Protege GX Software Updates page. You will need a valid myICT login to access the software.

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