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The ICT Website
Revamped and Redesigned

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. A total redesign brings our amazing range of products to life with more refined guidance so it’s even easier to find the security solutions that meet your needs.

This is all backed by a more prominent focus on engaging multi-media content with greater interactivity, to enhance your experience with ICT.

Check out some of our featured solutions below.

From small business to large enterprise and everything in between, explore how our Protege GX and Protege WX systems provide a comprehensive and flexible solution that meets the evolving needs of today's users. Discover how our mobile solution puts access control in the palm of your hand. Or how our multifamily and residential solutions provide building owners and managers with a cost-effective solution that delivers efficiency, reduces liability, and boosts service levels.

Spend some time getting to know our new site now,

Want to see for yourself?