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Standing Tall with Australia

There are currently thousands of Australians in need of assistance as the devastating bushfires continue to rage across NSW, Victoria and other states. A combined 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest and parks have been burnt to date with firefighters working tirelessly to battle these infernos. At least 27 people have lost their lives, 2500 homes have been destroyed, and billions of animals have been killed or displaced as a result of these bushfires.

ICT is committed to standing tall with our Australian brothers and sisters, and have today pledged to donate $5000 AUD to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service to help those on the front lines who are battling these fires.

Many of these brave men and women are putting themselves in harm's way to protect others, their families, properties, and the wildlife that call these bushlands home.

There are many charities/agencies seeking support including:

Every donation counts, whether monetary, your time, or simply your thoughts. Any assistance or support you can make will be gratefully received.

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