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illustration of a car parked outside a business at night

Responding to ram raids: Integrating Protege with fog cannons

In light of the ongoing ram raid problem hitting New Zealand, the government has created a new $4 million fund to support crime prevention initiatives.

This includes a $4000 subsidy for what the government classifies as “small shops and dairy’s” that want to install fog cannons in their premises. Fog cannons enable store workers to deploy a thick, fog-like mist which doesn’t leave any residue. They can be set up to trigger manually or automatically.

For a seamless solution, we recommend integrating fog cannons with Protege WX and Protege GX DIN Rail Controllers. Using the output terminals on a controller, a connected fog cannon be triggered on alarm and reported as an event for auditing purposes in Protege, should the authorities need specific details on the event that has transpired. You can also integrate these to be manually triggered with the push of a button on an Inovonics bill trap or wearable pendant.

Stay aware with ArmorIP and 4G

For a more robust solution, integrate with ICT’s cellular modem for alarm reporting. This modem operates over 4G, so if there are any network disruptions your site will continue to be monitored and report any events. Pair this with ICT’s ArmorIP protocol for added encryption and to receive push notifications. 

ArmorIP transmits additional information where available, such as panel name, event time, serial number, username, and much more. If the station is using the ArmorIP software, operators see this data as it is seen by people on site - such as the name of the event: fog cannon alarm activated. The monitoring station can then alert the police with the details. No more mismatches between what people are looking at.


While fog cannons are topical right now, this can result in extended lead times for orders. If you do find yourself in a position where you're urgently looking to protect a property, ICT can recommend many alternatives to provide staff peace of mind and business owners assurances that their best interests are taken care of.