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New Protege WX Update and how Hello Club use the Protege WX API

With the arrival of Protege WX 4.00.965, our all-in-one web based system offering simple, flexible protection for small businesses has got even better. We will also highlight how Hello Club have used the Protege WX API to create a custom integration, and show you how easy it is to add users in your system.

This version has resolved an issue where changes to a user's access levels would not be saved if an access level assigned to that user had previously been deleted. This is in addition to recently announced cybersecurity enhancements and other issues that have been resolved including:

  • Inability to update some older controller models
  • 'Disable Green LED' option not working for RS-485 readers
  • Scheduled arming errors
  • Errors when importing user expiry dates

Full details of the update can be found in the latest Release Notes, available with the software download for the Protege WX update.


Hello Club

Protege WX API with Hello Club

The Protege WX API is one of our custom integration tools which allows you to control your system from a third-party application. Thanks to our open protocols there are endless ways the Protege WX API can be used to create a solution that meets your exact needs.

One company that is already doing this successfully is Hello Club, a club management solution for sports clubs and membership-based organizations, who integrate seamlessly with Protege WX to make their offering more powerful.

Hello Club uses the Protege WX API to provide integrated access & light control in combination with their other services, offering an all-in-one solution for their customers. Club members and admins have secure access using physical credentials or remotely via the Hello Club app, and prepaid casual online bookings can automatically receive a temporary access PIN via the app or email.

“The power of our solution lies in the fact that we can link a member's ability to open a door or turn on court lights based on their membership, financial status, vaccination status, time of day, and many other parameters that can be managed through our cloud based app. This allows clubs to fully automate access to their facility, catering for casual members in a secure manner and receiving real time reports to track who entered the club at any given time” says Hello Club CEO & Co founder, Liat Reis.

These access control functions incorporate building automation with lighting control and other facilities, linked and controlled through a Protege WX controller and using the API to interface with the Hello Club platform. “There’s lots of flexibility that clubs can configure on Hello Club, including preset automatic lights for events and various rules for members to switch on court lights for their bookings. Some clubs utilize these functions to provide hall or room hire which brings in additional income”, says Reis.

The function provided by the Protege WX API has led to increased security, and a simple, more consistent installation process for Hello Club and their customers.

Adding Users in WX

Adding users is one of the most common tasks you’ll perform in any access control system. New staff, contractors, or visitors are just some of the reasons you might need to add users. This video will show you how easy it is to do this in Protege WX.

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