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Protege GX Controller Firmware Update

We’re pleased to announce the release of Protege GX controller firmware version 2.08.1244.

This controller firmware update sees improvements to cybersecurity, updated language support, a number of bug fixes, and new features and enhancements including:

  • Function outputs which enable additional output control when a door is unlocked
  • The ability to disable remote arming and disarming of an area
  • A new Area Count on Door Opening option
  • Password policy for controller operators

Download the Update

To access the firmware, you will need to have a valid  ICT website account.

  • Login to My ICT and navigate to the Module Firmware page.
  • Select the firmware for the relevant Protege GX controller - either the standard system controller (PRT-CTRL-DIN), or the single door controller (PRT-CTRL-DIN-1D).

Additional Documentation

If you’re interested in implementing the Function Outputs feature, there's also a new application note available. To access this, you will need to have a valid website account.

  • Login to My ICT and navigate to the Application Notes page.
  • Download AN-336 Programming Function Outputs in Protege GX.

While you are updating your firmware, make sure your system is functioning the best it can by checking you are also up to date with the latest Protege GX software which includes new features like User PIN encryption and Single Record Download support.

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