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Linking My Vaccine Pass to Protege WX

Protege WX has a feature in beta that allows you to link a user’s My Vaccine Pass status and expiry to a credential, enabling safe access for valid pass holders.

Please note that only customers in New Zealand are currently able to request early access to link My Vaccine Pass to Protege WX.

Many businesses are required to ensure staff are vaccinated, having this information automatically linked to your access control system saves the time and effort of manually checking and updating the status of each employee.

You simply scan the New Zealand Government issued My Vaccine Pass QR code into the Protege WX web interface using the camera on a tablet or a connected webcam. Your system will validate the pass and add the expiry date as a credential for the user.

Every time the user presents their credential at a door, Protege WX checks the vaccine information in the background and grants access if valid. When their My Vaccine Pass expires, their access is removed.

This offers a simple approach for businesses to ensure that they remain compliant with vaccine mandates and health and safety precautions to keep their staff safe.

The video below shows an example of how scanning the My Vaccine Pass QR code and linking it to a credential in Protege WX could look.

If you are in New Zealand and would like to try out this feature to see if it meets your needs