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Getting your sites ready for Matariki

Are you ready for Matariki? The new public holiday is on Friday 24 June 2022. This means you will need to add a new holiday to your holiday groups for all sites that will be closed for the day

If you don’t already have a holiday group created, check out our video resources now to learn how to add one.

Schedules are used to automate building and security control. This includes controlling the days and hours a user can gain access, unlocking doors automatically, arming or disarming areas at certain times of day, and turning controlled devices, such as HVACs, on and off or changing the way they behave at a particular time. As schedules are typically used to control access or to secure areas, we need them to behave differently on a holiday.

Adding a holiday to your holiday groups

We’ve put together some short instructional videos that demonstrate how to add a new holiday to your holiday groups:

To learn more about configuring schedules and holidays, check out these app notes:

Peace of mind with the Protege Mobile App

For guaranteed peace of mind that your buildings are safe and secure no matter where you are in the world, we highly recommend the Protege Mobile App.

With this app, you can check on your Protege GX or Protege WX sites right from your smartphone. Enabling you to check the status, control lights and cameras, and even arm or disarm the area – from anywhere, at any time.


Add the new holiday to your group today to ensure that everyone has a long weekend focusing on what’s important.

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