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Data Sync Service - Your Single Source of Truth

Valuable data sources are everywhere, from simple spreadsheets, through to fully-fledged enterprise management systems. Regardless of the actual data they contain, the hardest part is often extracting this information and using it in a meaningful manner.

ICT’s Data Sync Service allows you to harness the power of your data by combining it with access control, intrusion detection, and building automation functionality to enhance your business offering.

What is the Data Sync Service?

ICT’s Data Sync Service is equally powerful, simple, and flexible. It saves businesses valuable time by automating tedious administrative tasks, freeing up resources for other duties.

In its most simple form, the service is like merging two databases into one. Information from a third-party source is extracted and stored in a shared network folder. The Data Sync Service imports this information into Protege GX and creates or updates records.

All it requires is one ICT Data Sync Service license per Protege GX server. We also recommend using the latest versions of Protege GX and ICT Data Sync Service software.


There are many ways an organization can benefit from using the Data Sync Service. These include:

  • Flexible approach so you can develop a solution to meet your needs.
  • Enhances efficiency with a single point of data entry, removing the need to update two separate databases.
  • Reduces time spent on management and administration.
  • Streamlines visitor management by automatically adding users and granting access.
  • Add or update any record in Protege GX, such as user records, access levels, doors, areas, schedules, and more.

Use Cases

Shared Spaces

Coworking Spaces

Easily grant access by importing a membership database. When meeting rooms are booked it will assign additional temporary access for the booking period.



Generate student access based on the information stored in a student management system. Access levels match the duration of the course the student is enrolled on, and automatically grant access to the areas they need entry to.


Multi-Family Dwellings

Setup and revoke access to apartments and common areas automatically by syncing with dates in landlord’s tenancy platform.


Freight/Delivery Services

Sync booked jobs from the database and automate temporary access for a controlled gate that matches a job number by creating users with PINs and expiry date that matches the expected time on site.

HR Systems

HR Databases

Transfer details such as role, department, and hours of work to create user records and assign the relevant access levels, reducing data entry and administration.


Gyms/Fitness Centers

As new members sign up and are added to the gym's database, user records and access details are created in Protege GX. If their membership lapses, their access is removed.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Allow temporary access for visitors and contractors by syncing details from a Visitor Management System to grant access for the duration the person will be onsite.


Bookanet is an online booking platform for sports training facilities that aims to increase venue usage, while saving the administrative work of managing schedules and bookings.

It allows members to book facilities such as a squash court or practice facility. The Data Sync Service assigns an additional access level to allow temporary access for the duration of the booking. Bookanet then sends a text message to confirm, which includes a PIN for the user to access the facility at the time of the booking.

The flexibility offered by our Data Sync Service can help organizations of all types to make use of their valuable data by facilitating a simple solution that can provide powerful outcomes.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Data Sync Service Integration Guide.

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