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Adding User in Protege GX.

Adding users is one of the most common tasks you’ll perform in any access control system. New staff, contractors, or visitors are just some of the reasons you might need to add a user to Protege GX.

This guide and video will help familiarize you with Protege GX by showing you how simple it is to add a user, using one of these three methods:

Add User In GX

Users Menu

Add the relevant user details, one at a time, directly in Protege GX.

Badge Card At Reader

Present Card at Reader

Similar to the Users Menu option, but automatically adds credential details to the user record when a card is presented at a reader.

CSV File Import

CSV Import

The best solution when you have multiple users to add at the same time. This adds and maps user information to the right fields in Protege GX automatically.

Tips for Adding Users

There are a couple of useful tips which are helpful to know before adding users. This information will help you to get the most out of your Protege GX system.

Each person can have up to eight credentials assigned to their record in Protege GX. This means if they have multiple ways to access the building, you don’t have to add a separate user each time. These different credentials could include:

  • Card
  • Fob
  • Mobile credential
  • Wireless remote – for a garage door, gate, or similar
  • Biometric credential - such as face or finger ID
  • Vehicle license plate

There is also the option to set start or end dates – or both – for each user. This is useful if you need to pre-issue cards for new staff, so they are only active from their first day at work. Or you can set credentials to automatically expire for a contractor with a set finish date, which removes access after this time.

How to Add Users

Watch our helpful Quick Tip video to learn the three ways of adding users in Protege GX. As soon as the users are added and saved, they can use their credential and PIN (if required) to access doors and keypads.

You can also find more detailed instructions on adding users in the End User Guide and Operator Reference Manual.

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