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Return Materials Authorization


  1. All Integrated Control Technology products are supplied with a limited 24-month warranty which covers material and workmanship defects, with the exception of ICT DIN Rail products that have been purchased on or after April 1 2021 and installed by members of the ICT Dealer Network (IDN) which are eligible for an extended 5-year warranty. This warranty does not cover;
    1. Parts requiring replacement due to improper installation, misuse, poor installation condition, faulty power or other breach of the product specifications including cabling and termination.
    2. Any act of nature that has caused damage such as lightning damage.
    3. Physical damage to the internal or external parts.
    4. Products that have been tampered with, altered, or defaced.
    5. Any and all water damage in any form.
    6. Units that were not properly grounded and provision made to be grounded in accordance with the supplied installation manual.
    7. Usage other than in accordance with instructions and the normal intended use as outlined in the product manual and associated documentation.
  2. Any other such product failure that is deemed outside the standard warranty provided by Integrated Control Technology.
  3. In all cases the decision of Integrated Control Technology and our technical staff will be final.
  4. For warranty information, please refer to our standard product warranty.

ICT RMA Reference

  1. The return materials procedure is designed to ensure that any returned product is done so with all the correct documentation and detail for a fast and effective diagnosis of the issue.
  2. Under no circumstances should ANY product be returned to Integrated Control Technology until you have received an RMA Reference number.
    1. To obtain an RMA Reference number, please contact ICT Technical Support.
    2. A purchase order number (PO) is required for any advanced replacement of product.
    3. An RMA Reference number will be provided to you by ICT tech support and is required for each group of products that are being returned and must be completed in full for each product.
    4. Hardware must be returned to ICT within 14 days (where an ICT office is located in your country), or 60 days for international shipping. If the faulty unit is not received within these timeframes, the advance replacement will be charged to the PO provided.
    5. Return of products that do not have an RMA number or associated documentation will result in the goods being rejected and returned to sender at the expense of the sender.
    6. The supplied PO will only be charged in instances where the hardware has been tested and deemed not faulty.

Warranty Returns

  1. All returns must have a valid RMA Reference number written clearly on the outside of the box. Without an RMA Reference the shipment will be refused.
  2. The original purchaser shall pay all shipping, broker fees, duties and taxes incurred in shipping products to and from Integrated Control Technology.
  3. Integrated Control Technology may return the product to the original purchaser within a shipment or order bound for the customer.
  4. Provided the goods have not been modified or any form of repair attempted by someone other than Integrated Control Technology, at the option of Integrated Control Technology, products may be returned either as repaired or replaced.

Delivery Of Product

  1. The RMA Reference number is valid for 14 days from date of issue (where a local ICT office is available, or 60 days when needing to ship product internationally back to ICT).
  2. The product must be received by the Integrated Control Technology repair department within the allowed time limit of the RMA Reference number being issued or the shipment may be refused.

Product Credit

  1. An RMA Reference number must be issued for any product that is being returned for credit.
  2. The return of a product for credit must be within 30 days of delivery to customer.
  3. If the product being returned is a third party product, ICT reserves the right to refuse a refund until confirmation has been received from the third party that a return will be accepted.
  4. The application for the RMA number must include the ICT Tax Invoice Number, Proforma Invoice or Packing Slip Number.
  5. The product being returned must be in original packaging with no visible signs of wear or use. A 15% re-stocking fee of product value excluding duties and tax will apply to all products returned for credit.
  6. All products returned with damage, missing accessories or associated components will not be accepted and will be shipped back to customer.
  7. Card, Tag, Wristband and Remote orders that were processed correctly by ICT as per the supplied purchase order, cannot be returned for credit.

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