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User experience wins

Impressed by the high-level end-user experience and functionality of their first Protege GX access control and security system, New Zealand energy provider Trustpower didn’t hesitate to order a brand-new system for their new Tauranga head office.

Superior end user experience

For ICT, the key measure of the success of a system is the quality of end user experience, and this is always at the core of any system design.

Once Trustpower installed Protege GX, all staff immediately received access to the car park, building, and their personal locker with a single card. A remote Protege GX client allowed authorized staff access to the system and, for operators, the system’s customizable filters provided categorization of alarm and event data as well as immediate access to floorplans to view alarm conditions or event activity.


Protege GX seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, meaning any changes ripple through smoothly to other system applications, whether hardware or software. Salto XS4 battery-powered wireless locks were selected for Truspower’s 500-plus staff lockers, overcoming the cabling limitations of the site and reducing costs. The lockers were programmed to read, receive and write information via the same MIFARE 13.56MH smart cards assigned to users.

Trustpower’s Support Desk staff encode cards into both Protege GX and Salto (which reside on the same server) at the same time. Assigning lockers in the software is done by simply dragging an existing locker and dropping it onto an existing user. The system then sends an automatic notification email to the new user. Because Salto and Protege GX each have an instance in the same SQL server, a change in one automatically applies to the other. Geutebrück CCTV cameras integrate with Protege GX at the Trustpower site where NVR storage supports 27 cameras.

Looking towards the future

With ICT’s Protege GX access control and security system, the Trustpower head office has developed into a true powerhouse.

And with its system scalability and integration possibilities, Protege GX offers multiple options for system adaptations to come:

  • The accumulation of data allows integration of other workplace efficiency systems
  • An upgrade in Protege GX software makes the use of license plate recognition (LPR) technology simple
  • Staff can use the Protege mobile app as an access credential, and managers can monitor and control the building from anywhere, any time

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